US Peace Movement and United for Peace and Justice Photo Archives

April 29, 2006, New York City 350,000 March for Peace, Justice and Democracy

April 10, 2006, New York City. 100,000 at demonstration on a national day of action in support of Immigrants.

May 24 Immigrant Communities in Action demonstrate at Senators Schumer and Clinton's offices.


New Orleans March 2006: Please see all three photo essays:....New Orleans people and houses ; ......Common Ground Collective; .......Walkin' to New Orleans; Vets and Survivors March

US Peace Movement and United for Peace and Justice Photo Archives

Feb 15, 2003 The World Says No to War Aug. 29, 2004 Republican National Convention in NYC Sept. 24-26, 2005 Mobilization in Washington, DC
March 22, 2003 New York Says No to War March 20, 2004 First Anniversary of the War, NYC March 19, 2005 Second Anniversary of the War in Fayetteville, N. C.
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  Oct 25, 2003 Washington, DC  


Oct. 2004, 2000th US Serviceman killed in Iraq, Times Square, NYC March 5 & 6 New York: A delegation of Iraqi women spoke to New York women (and men) and visited the United Nations. Peace Mom, Cindy Sheehan joined them. The women will be touring the United States with Code Pink throughout March to celebrate International Women's Day
Aug. 17, 2005 Vigil to support Cindy Sheehan, Union Square, NYC    
May 1, 2005, No Nukes, NYC    
Sept 9, 2004 Vigil at Columbus Circle, NYC    
May 1, 2004, No Nukes, NYC    
November 11, 2003, Veterans Day, NYC    
November 2003, Protesters and Police in Miami    
Mar 5, 2003 Protest at Hillary Clinton's office, NYC    
Oct 26, 2002 March in Washington, DC before the War    
Oct 2004 Coffins in Washington, DC    
Aug 2004 Photo Essay "Message for Bush"    
June 23, 2003 Bush in NYC    
Feb 2005, National Convention of United for Peace and Justice in St. Louis    
March 16, 2002: Global Candlelight Vigil for Peace. A world wide wave of 3,000 vigils. 50 were held in New York City. About 1,000 candlelit Brooklyn gathered across from the penthouse apartment of Sen Charles Schumer at 9 Prospect Park West.    
Nov 13, 2002: Students protested military recruiters at their school, Bushwick High in Brooklyn. They are seen here at the community organization Make the Road by Walking    
Nov.20: Thousands of NYC high school and college students walked out of class and took to the streets to protest the impending war in Iraq.    
May 19, 2003: Weapons of Mass Resistance took place at the Times Square Recruiting Station to celebrate the birthday of Malcolm X. Sponsored by Third World Within, alternative recruiting was available for people of color.    
Feb. 27, 2003: The Missle Dick Chicks wow Broadway with a 21 Dick salute and a performance of "Shop in the Name of War." The police allowed them to sing the song twice before they had to leave.    
March 20, 2003: The war begins and thousands converge on Times Square in a torential downpour.    
March 27, 2003 NYC: Over 200 were arrested blocking traffic on Fifth Avenue for almost an hour.    
May 5, 2003, NYC: Operation Homeland Resistance Launches Days of Civil Disobedience.    
Dec. 19,2005: Transit Workers Union Rally in front of Gov. Pataki's office on the eve of the strike.    
Feb 8: Katrina Survivors gather in Washington to get the attention of lawmakers. ACORN organized buses from several cities to bring the evacuees to the Capitol and the White House where they had meetings with Senators and Congressmen      




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