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Common Ground, New Orleans, March 17-20 Page 1................2

Monday morning at Common Ground; a student volunteer takes a protective mask for house gutting.
Meg Perry Community Garden and Bioremediation project
Interior of a house that has been gutted, cleaned and cleared by Common Ground.
A woman chats with a neighbor at the Common Ground Ninth Ward Distribution Center
A resident talks to a Common Ground Volunteer
Students clear a house in the Lower Ninth Ward
The vegitarian line at the dining hall.
Monday Morning meeting where a new group of college students on spring break get a news update before getting protective gear and dispersing for their tasks for the day.
Common Ground 9th Ward Distribution Center
A Volunteer from Vermont demonstrates how to use a protective mask.
A student volunteer clears rubble from a house in the Lower Ninth Ward.
Neighbors meet and exchange news at the thrift store.
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