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No FTAA protest in Miami

Miami.......Police........Labor March......People's Gala..........Root Cause.......More People in Protest


Police from 40 Florida law enforcement agencies used teargas, rubber bullets and pepper spray on protesters. 250 were arrested including seniors from the Alliance for retired Americans, some who were held without water for 12 hours. A largely peaceful protest was made violent by the police who recieved almost $9 million for the week's security.


Photo taken from the lobby of the Hotel Riande around 4 pm

Protesters were sprayed with pepper spray and shot with tear gas and rubber bullets.
Medics were on hand to wash the eyes.
Chief Timoney in bicycle helmet
Police push the protest line one block further away from the InterContinenal Hotel where the FTAA meeting was taking place.
Protecting Mother Goose's Book shop at Santa's Village.
These 3 photos are of provocateurs. About a dozen men and one woman, all dressed as protesters were causing a disturbance in front of the Hotel Riande. The woman was shouting and small objects (maybe marbles) were being thrown at the crowd. Some men were beating others and two were being dragged. Immediately following the incident the same group was behind the Police lines on 2nd. Street NE. About 11am.
A reporter in a gas mask.
From my hotel room about 4pm
From my hotel room about 4pm
From my hotel room about 4pm
Early morning Cops on Bikes surround march from the Welcome Center

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