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No FTAA protest in Miami

Miami.......Police........Labor March......People's Gala..........Root Cause.......More People in Protest

November, 2003

As the FTAA met in Miami 20,000 people came to protest and were met with an unprecidented use of force by police. Many peaceful protest events took place including a march of unions and others, a 34 mile march by Root Cause and a People's Gala which featured musicians and unions.

Police used tear gas and pepper spray on the peaceful crowd in the morning. Medical teams were there to provide eye washes.

Greet the Sun
Season's Greetings from Miami
From the lobby of the Hotel Riande about 4pm
AFL/CIO President John Sweeney and Secretary Treasurer Richard Trumka visit the Welcome Center.
Thousands of Steelworkers led the AFL/CIO march, many wearing "FTAA Sucks" t shirts.
Right: Boots Riley of the Coup was part of the Tell Us the Truth Concert at the People's Gala on Wednesday evening.
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