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Weekly photos of what's new, protest, people and more. Check back often. Images are available to use by activists and independant media. I post most of these photos in the NYC Independant Media Center website. For full reports on the stories go to: http://nyc.indymedia.org .................Diane Greene Lent greenelent@earthlink.net

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April 17: Columbia University Students Boycott classes to End the Israeli Occupation of Palestine

April 17: Labor and Actup protest Coca Cola

April 11: Weekly Women in Black vigil protests Occupation

April 6: Over 1000 marched over the Brooklyn Bridge demanding an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.
April 5: Palestinians rally at the Israeli Consulate in New York protesting the Israeli invasion
March 23: Labor Turns out to weekly Brookyn protest at the Brooklyn Metro Detention Center. Hundreds of NYC Labor activists joined the Brooklyn Coalition, Justice for Detainees, in a march from Park Slope to the facility at 3rd Ave. and 29th St. Join the protest every Sat. at noon at the facility.
March 23: Arab Students at NYU displayed the drawings of Palestinian children during a vigil at Washington Square
March 19: One Thousand Coffins at the UN. A display by Israeli Palestinian Bereaved Parents for Peace
with 1050 symbolic coffins, 800 with Palestinian flags and 250 with Israeli flags

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