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Weekly photos of what's new, protest, people and more. Check back often. Images are available to use by activists and independant media. I post most of these photos in the NYC Independant Media Center website. For full reports on the stories go to: http://nyc.indymedia.org

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Current News
March 19: One Thousand Coffins at the UN. A display by Israeli Palestinian Bereaved Parents for Peace
with 1050 symbolic coffins, 800 with Palestinian flags and 250 with Israeli flags
March 9, Fifth Annual International Women's Day March sponsored by the Global Sweatshop Coalition
March 7 Women in Black weekly vigil at Union Square protesting the Israeli occupation of Palestine

Aug 1997:March across the Brooklyn Bridge protesting NYPD attack on Abner Louima

On Feb. 28 a federal court overturned
the convictions of three New York City
police officers in the torture case of Abner

Feb. 20 International Day of Solidarity with Arab, Muslim and Asian people

Weekly demonstration at the Brooklyn Metro Detention Center protesting post 9/11 detainees
Feb. 22 Protesting prison labor at Starbucks

Feb. 22 Listeners are welcome again at WBAI


Archives of the WBAI struggle, NY 2001

Feb 2 Funeral for Haitian man killed by the NYPD while begging them for help

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