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Feb 15 The world says no to war.....................March 22 New York Says no to war

No Iraq War
Belfast 2002
May 19: Weapons of Mass Resistance took place at the Times Square Recruiting Station to celebrate the birthday of Malcolm X.
May 5, NYC: Operation Homeland Resistance Launches Days of Civil Disobedience.
May 7: Operation Homeland Security Day 3 During the 3 days 80 people were arrested at the Federal Building
April 29: United for Peace and Justice joins unions to oppose Bloomberg's budget with the slogan "Bombs Away. Our Cities Pay."
April 15: Tax Day at New York's Geveral Post Office brought out protesters, against the war in Iraq, against the city's budget cuts and the Israeli Occupation.
April 7: New York Police
arrested over 100 legal
protesters at today's
direct action outside the Carlyle Group. While several people were arrested for blocking the door to the midtown building others across the street were surrounded and arrested for standing on the sidewalk chanting with signs and banners.
April 4: Commemorating the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr hundreds took part in the "Funeral Procession for the Dead and Not Yet Dead"
March 27 NYC: Over 200 were arrested blocking traffic on Fifth Avenue for almost an hour.
Rev Bily's Tax Day Revival calls for tax resistence to protest war.

March 8: Code Pink 10,000 women march around the Whitehouse on International Women's Day
March 16: Global Candlelight Vigil for Peace. A world wide wave of 3,000 vigils. 50 were held in New York City. About 1,000 candlelit Brooklyn gathered across from the penthouse apartment of Sen Charles Schumer
March 17: Irish Nobel Peace Prize winner Mauraid Maguire led a St. Patrick's Day march to the United Nations. Dozens were arrested for blocking the U. S. Mission.
March 20, 2003: The war begins and thousands converge on Times Square in a torential downpour.


March 5: UFPJ protest at Clinton's office and candlelight march.
Feb. 27: Missle Dick Chicks 21 Dick Salute at Times Square
More Photos of NY on Feb 15 by NYC Indymedia photographers
A few screen shots of CNN coverage of Feb 15
Feb. 18: United for Peace and Justice Press Conference regarding police behavior on Feb 15.



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