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No Iraq War
Belfast 2002

No War in Iraq Protests

Feb 15: The world says No to War - New York City

Jan 16: Several people were arrested at the Recruiting station in Times Sq. to protest the War in Iraq and to honor Martin Luther King Jr.

Jan. 29, Times Square: Hundreds protest Bush's State of the Union Message and rush to war.

December 10

99 Religeous leaders were arrested at the US Mission at the UN calling for peace on earth and no war in Iraq

Nov.20: Thousands of NYC high school and college students walked out of class and took to the streets to protest the impending war in Iraq.
Oct 6 Peace Rally in Central Park
Oct 10: Ten NYC students take over Hilary's office.
Sept 11 and 12, 2002,NYC
Oct 26: March on Washington
New York's Halloween Parade had many Anti War messages.
Nov 1: Day of the Dead Die-in at Union Square
Nov 13: Students protested military recruiters at their school, Bushwick High in Brooklyn. They are seen here at the community organization Make the Road by Walking



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