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May Day 1999, Lower East Side Community Labor Coalition, New York City
<<<SEIU 1115 New York City, May 2000
31. Reclaim the Streets an international movement for freedom of expression, New York City, 4-99
<<<30. Brooklyn museum of Art drew crowds who disagreed with Mayor Giuliani's censorship of the Sensations show, Sept, 1999
Reclaim the Streets, New York City, April, 1999>>>
<<<32. A street theater Billionaires for Bush and Gore was seen throughout the Presidential Campaign. This protest is at the Republican Convention in Philadelphia, July 2000
33. Community Gardens were threatened by Mayor Giuliani and some were saved by a massive outpouring of New Yorkers, Spring 1999.
<<<Rev. Billy at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Oct. 1999
Protesting the US Bombing of Yugoslavia, June 1999>>>
<<<Protesting the Bombing of Iraq, New York City, Dec. 1998
New Directions, Transit Workers, New York, 1999>>>
<<<34. Youth talk to MTV during a protest against Police Brutality in New York, April, 2000.
35. A vital public space, Charas El Bohio on the Lower East Side under threat from Mayor Giuliani has been saved so far by protests like this Civil Disobedience, New York City, Spring 2000.
36. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants marched for their rights in Washington, D.C. Oct. 12, 1996.


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