United for Peace and Justice National Assembly, St. Louis, February 19-21, 200 5

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Dancers from Los Angeles performed "Collateral Damage" about a body bag factory.
Poets from Cincinatti
Kathy Engle presents artists who performed "Imagination and the Struggle for Peace "
Danny Glover made an announcement on behalf of the Vanguard Foundation presenting United for Peace and justice with a grant of $50,000. Angela Sanbrano of the Central America Refugee Center, Damu Smith of Black Voices for Peace and Janine , Vanguard look on.
Cliff Lee of Young Koreans United addressed the plenary as part of a panel "The State of the US Movement and Alliance Building."
Mike McPhearson of Veterans for Peace and Military Families Speak Out makes a point from the floor.
Voting for Program proposals.
Mr. Koneshi a survivor of Hiroshima, addressed the Assembly about nuclear war.
Leslie Kauffman of United for Peace and Justice explains the Strategic Framework process to the plenary.
Presiding committee members Judith LeBlanc, Van Gosse and George Friday
Teddy Auerbach of UFPJ New York makes a point from the floor
People power used creative street theater to present their proposal.
Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies made a point from the floor.

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