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Patiala, August 31

In order to give students the opportunity to learn the Persian language, Punjabi University has taken a new initiative. A visiting professor from Iran, Laila Chaman Khan, who works in the United States, will now take Persian lessons at the Bhai Veer Singh Chair on the university campus.

The university also has the department of Urdu and Persian. Officials said the department does not have a professor who can teach Persian to students. They said that the classes of the course, which would be held under the banner “Aao farsi sikhiye” (Let’s learn Persian), would continue for three months. Students would receive entry-level coaching in these courses free of charge, they added.

Professor Laila Chaman Khan has held interviews and written about Zafarnama, a letter written by the tenth Sikh Master Guru Gobind Singh, among others. Addressing students in an introductory class, she said: “Persian has been the language of literature and administration. I hope all the students will be successful. »

The university’s vice-chancellor, Professor Arvind, said the Punjabi and Persian languages ​​have a lot in common. He said that the grammar of Punjabi was similar to that of Urdu and Sanskrit, while Urdu was closely related to Persian. He said: “The two cultures of Persian and Punjabi speaking people have intermingled for a long time. As such, reading their literature is vitally important.

Professor Arvind further said that the university wants to strengthen the Persian and Urdu department.

Professor Harjodh Singh of the Bhai Veer Singh Chair said that more than 70 students from various departments including Punjabi, economics, fine arts, IT and others have registered for the Persian course. .

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