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Get ready to specialize in Harry Styles! This coming spring, the pop star will be taking her first-ever college class at Texas State University.

Entitled “Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity: Identity, the Internet, and European Pop Culture,” the course will be taught by Louie Dean Valencia, Associate Dean of Digital History, and will focus on “the political development of modern celebrity in relationship to issues of gender and sexuality, race, class, nation and globalism, media, fashion, fan culture, internet culture and consumerism.


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With the course, Styles becomes the latest whose music and fame have warranted a dive into academia, following in the footsteps of Beyoncé (Arizona State University’s “Lemonade: Beyoncé and Black Feminism” among many others) and by Dr. Taylor Alison Swift (who got her own class at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music earlier this year, months before receiving her honorary doctorate of fine arts from the university and giving a commencement address to the class of 2022).

Of course, this begs the question of what other career as a pop artist deserves serious consideration in the halls of higher education. Mariah Carey launched a Masterclass on her legendary voice in April, but the elusive singer’s often overlooked skills as a songwriter could provide more than enough material for any studious Lamb’s master’s thesis. Or perhaps Swift’s pal Ed Sheeran — who inspired her to aspire to an honorary doctorate in the first place — should be investigated for his use of mathematical symbols as album titles.

Should a history department somewhere delve into modern pop history for a course on the impact of the Spice Girls on third and fourth wave feminism or the exploitation of Britney Spears under her legal tutelage 13 years old?

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