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Animation course: Who didn’t watch cartoons growing up and don’t love them? A child’s very first exposure to television is through cartoons. Cartoons tell simple and thoughtful things through very innocent and funny stories. The mother is the child’s first teacher, they say, but cartoons are surely the child’s second teacher. Mickey Mouse, Dora the Explorer, and Peppa Pig are some examples of educational cartoons airing on TV these days.

Have you ever wondered how they are made? How do they mimic human behavior so perfectly? How do they make us laugh and teach us things at the same time? The answer to that is a simple word “Animation”. Animation is the art of telling stories using the visual arts. It is a sequence of many still images broadcast at very high speed to create a vision of moving objects.

Animation and VFX (visual effects) go hand in hand. VFX technique is used on real things or people in order to create a particular scene, for example, Hrithik Roshan flying in Krrish 3. Animation is more of an art which is implemented on 2D or 3D drawings, for example , Tom and Jerry.

In this technology-driven era, the success rate of animation and visual effects is soaring. A career in this field will do wonders seeing its recognition in India and across the world.

Scope of Animation Courses

It’s a very popular notion “enjoy your work”. Being in the animation business, you can actually enjoy your work. There will always be a new idea, a new story to tell that will be presented in a better way than the previous one. You always thrive. There is no “know-it-all” in this area. There is always a new challenge waiting for you. There is always a sense of competitiveness with yourself to prove yourself again and again with each new day.

With the advancement and elevation of the world of digitalization, India offers many opportunities for animators to showcase their skills. Today, there is no domain without animation. Departments such as education (e-learning), real estate, and healthcare use animations and visual effects to showcase their enhanced 3D models. Even political rallies benefit some of the animation professionals to expose their motivations and agendas in an attractive way.

List of courses after the 12th scientific part

The movie and entertainment industries are also moving fast these days. With a sudden rise in OTT platforms, the entertainment industry is outdoing itself to create the best in content. The Disney films and Marvel series are some of the best examples of the work of animation and visual effects professionals in filmmaking.

Courses available

There are different animation courses available for each level – certificate, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate. Aspirants can choose the level of the course accordingly.

Level Courses available
(3-12 months)
2D Animations
3D Animations
Visual effects (VFX)
(1-2 years)
2D Animations
3D Animations
digital animation
Animation and filmmaking
UG Baccalaureate
(3 years)
B.Sc. in Animation and Multimedia
B.Sc. in Digital Art and Technology
BA in Digital Filmmaking and Animation
BA in Animation and VFX
BA in Animation and Graphic Design
Master PG
(2 years)
M.Sc. in Animation in gaming technology
MA in Animation and Multimedia

Admission and Eligibility for Animation Courses

Course level Eligibility
Certificate High School (10e) swoon from any recognized advice
Diploma Intermediate (10 + 2) faints from any recognized board
U G Intermediate passage from any recognized board with qualifying grades as per institute standards
PG Bachelor’s degree from any recognized board with qualifying marks as per institute standards

Aspirants can choose any institute of their choice after fulfilling all the eligibility criteria of the institute.

Best Institutes Offering Animation Courses

  • National Institute of Film and Fine Arts, Kolkata
  • Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics, Mumbai
  • Zee Institute of Creative Arts, Mumbai
  • The Toonz Academy, Tamil Nadu
  • Whistling Woods International, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation, Kolkata

Career and jobs

After obtaining the desired qualification, you can choose your area of ​​interest and find a job profile based on it. Remember that you can only be an animator if you have creativity and interest in the field. The animation industry generates immense workload and pressure, you can only get through this level of stress if you love your job and really want to create animations. Otherwise, it will be just a hectic job that you just want to get done with.

Some of the popular job profiles are –

  1. production department: responsible for managing the necessary funds
    • Producer
    • Director
    • production coordinator
  2. Development Departmentt: responsible for planning thoughts and ideas for a project
  3. Pre-production department: presents the image of the characters and plots
    • Artistic director
    • storyboard artist
    • Character animator
    • Model maker / model maker
  4. Production department: Finalize each shot
    • Rigger
    • animator
    • Animation Technical Director
    • model maker
    • lighting artist
    • special effects artist
  5. Post-production department: adds finishing touches like music and sound effects
    • sound designer
    • Composer
    • Editor
  6. Distribution Department: sell the product
    • Sales manager
    • Marketing Manager

Required Skills

Every career requires a certain set of skills that one must possess to excel in their field. As with any career path related to animation, some core skills that an organization looks for when hiring certain candidates are:

  • Creative ability: animators must have high creative and imaginative power to transform simple arts into innovative arts.
  • Computer skills: Animators should have a good command of the various applications and software used to create animations.
  • Attention to detail: animators need to have a keen and precise eye to notice and improve on the smallest details
  • Illustration skills
  • Time management skills
  • Flexibility and adaptability


An animator’s salary depends entirely on his professional profile, work experience and qualification. Since it is an applied and professional course, a facilitator does not remain idle at home. Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad are the cities that hire animators in large numbers.

On average, a beginner in the field can earn up to INR 16,000 per month. After gaining work experience and expertise, one can earn up to INR 50,000 or more per month.

Books and study materials

For a better understanding of the basics and concepts of animation, aspirants should refer to the following books:

Book Author
Animator’s Survival KitBuy here Richard Williams
The illusion of lifeBuy here Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston
Activities for beginners Morr Meroz
Animation timeBuy here Harold Whitaker and John Halas
Character Animation Crash CourseBuy here Eric Goldberg

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