Announcing free ISRO online course on geoprocessing using Python, certificate to be submitted



ISRO’s Free Online Course on Geoprocessing Using Python is offered to students and professionals by IIRS, Dehradun

A free ISRO online course on geoprocessing using Python has been announced by the Indian Institute for Remote Sensing, which is a center of the Indian Space Research Organization in Dehradun. The course will run from January 17 to 28, 2022 and is open to students and professionals interested in learning more about the subject. The course can be taken through the IIRS-ISRO e-class platform using internet connectivity, and no specific hardware or software would be required.

Participants will also receive an ISRO certificate based on 70% attendance and 40% on the online exam. The free ISRO online course can also be delivered in a classroom setting provided the following material is available with the coordinators:

  • Desktop computer with web camera microphone and output speakers or laptop with microphone camera and output speaker.
  • Large display screen, projector or TV.

Who can take the free ISRO online course?

The course can be taken by the following participants:

  • Students in the last year of the license or third cycle.
  • Technical or scientific personnel from central or state government.
  • Professors or researchers from universities or institutions.
  • Users receiving programs under the CEC-UGC or CIET networks can also participate.

Applications from participants must be duly sponsored by the university or institute and transmitted by the coordinators of the respective centers.

What will ISRO’s free online course on geoprocessing using Python cover?

The course will train participants on how best to process large amount of data collected from satellite images efficiently in time and space and derive useful information and knowledge from geospatial data. Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Presentation of the geographic information system and the different types of geospatial data.
  • Introducing Python programming using.
  • Introduction to the anaconda and the Jupyter notebook.
  • Processing, resampling and analysis of raster data.
  • Processing and analysis of vector data.
  • Visualization of geospatial data on the web.
  • Familiarization with various open source geospatial data processing libraries.

ISRO Free Online Course Results?

Course participants should be able to do the following at the end of the program:

  • Write a program in python to read, write and process various raster formats.
  • Write a program in python to read, write and process various vector formats.
  • Write a program to visualize geospatial data in the form of maps and images, among other things.

Interested participants can register on the official website in order to take the course. Registration for ISRO’s free online course is usually on a first come, first served basis as space is limited.



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