Find Loan: We Offer Money Loans

Carry an amulet in the bag, always carry quartz, bring yellow underwear, throw seeds on the floor of your house … Forget these stories! Here we share the rituals that will really help you make your money pay more. • Carry a stamp in your wallet. Or it can also be simply a piece of paper. The point is that […]

Canadians Continue to grow rich despite their debt load

Thus, the firm Environics Analytics, the Canadian net worth of households at the end of 2012 had exceeded the $ 400,000 mark for the first time, reaching the exact amount of $ 400,151. This increase was estimated at 5.8% compared to last year. According to this recency, it is clear that Canadians are more wealthy as they continue to be […]

Mortgage for pensioners: the best offers of banks

Housing for the elderly is no less a hot issue than housing for young families. In Russia, mortgage for pensioners is a tangled tangle of rumors, conjectures, legal inaccuracies, individual policies of different banks and poorly organized, and sometimes frankly disregard for the government. Do they give mortgages to pensioners in principle? It is clear that Russian banks primarily think […]

How can I Learn My Credit Rating?

Credit Grade is the general name of the system that grades individuals’ relations with the bank. With the data collected through CRS, the individual’s (customer’s) records in the banks are learned and evaluated as a Credit Grade for easier follow-up under one roof. If you are not familiar with the credit rating, What is a Credit Rating? You can read […]

What does the mortgage interest do?

Today the Good Finance decided to stop the buy-back program. What consequences does this have for mortgage interest? Read our interest rate forecast. Why is the mortgage rate low The mortgage interest is historically low. This is partly due to the low interest rate policy that the current European Central Bank is pursuing. To stimulate the economy, the central bank […]