Bachelor of Fine Arts Course (Design for Performance)



This immersive course focuses on both stage and screen design. You will learn how to create sets, costumes, properties and lighting for live performances and film productions. With small groups and high levels of one-on-one lessons, you’ll develop your design skills in professional student studios, theaters, and workshops. You will learn through practice-based learning and intellectual inquiry.

This course will equip you with technical skills such as rendering, virtual visualization techniques, manual drawing, computer aided drawing, drawing and previewing.

You will expand your creative toolbox by exploring the social, historical and cultural contexts of contemporary performance, design, architecture, fashion and art. Throughout your degree, you will bring your skills from the studio to a finished final job, applying learning as a key member of a large, creative and collaborative team.

You will create designs for live productions, short films, music videos, designed works, installations and industrial collaborations. During your final year, you will be placed in a professional artistic and professional design company. You will leave NIDA with strong skills, valuable industry connections, and confidence in your future in stage and screen design.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: Set, production, costume, lighting, video and property designer, art director or design educator in the arts, entertainment and creative industries including traditional performance (film, television , theater, opera, dance), digital (film, screen, video, game design), immersive and event theater

Open applications

June 1, 2021


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