Bunny Williams’ new showroom is a design lover’s dream


Photo credit: Nate Palmer

Stepping into any space touched by Bunny Williams’ hands inevitably serves as a masterclass in livable glamour, and her new showroom at New York’s Interiors Art Building is no exception. Open June 1, the reimagined outpost for Bunny Williams Home promises to be a visionary feast for anyone who comes to visit.

For years, the furniture brand’s New York boutique was in the Fine Arts Building while the headquarters of Bunny Williams, Inc., the decorator’s interior design firm, was located in the Interiors Art Building. . The decision to combine the two entities came as a no-brainer for Williams as she saw it as an opportunity for both sides of the business to grow together and inform each other’s work.

Unlike its old home, the new showroom and boutique has a more contemporary appeal with its large, modern windows and restored wooden beams and ceilings. Williams says the “realistic qualities” of the space help buyers imagine how they can fit the furniture into their home, while giving Williams and his team the freedom to play with showroom decor.

“The thing about a showroom is that the decor changes, it’s not that different from the way we live,” Williams says. “As you get changed, you move furniture, you get a sofa back because you still want it to look fresh. We want to do the same with a showroom. We tend not to decorate it too much because the decoration becomes the furniture you want to sell, the lamps, the mirrors and the art.”

Photo credit: Nate Palmer

Photo credit: Nate Palmer

At the center of the store is Bunny Williams Home’s new collection, Treillage, which pays homage to the famous backyard antique store founded by Bunny and her husband John Rosselli in New York. Chic rattan armchairs mingle with striped side tables while works by New York artists shine on the walls. There’s also a mix of Williams’ hand-selected antiques, in addition to the classic reproductions his brand is known for. Kyle Marshall, creative director of Bunny Williams Home, says the mix of new furniture and vintage pieces aligns perfectly with the brand’s ethos of mixing high and low.

“It’s a destination not only for people who want to learn more about the line, but also for people who may already know us and still want to buy new and antique parts for ongoing projects,” says Marshall.

The showroom also plays an essential role in attracting new customers who wish to discover the brand and appreciate the quality of the pieces. Both Williams and Marshall note that even though the brand has seen an increase in online sales, it’s still relevant to have a space where customers can see and touch furniture before making a big purchase.

Williams says she still wants to have a showroom where people can “sit in the chair, sit on the couch and see the quality of the product.” She adds, “I want people, whether designers or retail customers, to have a place where they can come and touch and feel the quality. Then they make a decision and order later online.

The Bunny Williams Home showroom in the Interior Arts Building will be open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., beginning June 1.

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