Career advice: 10 + 2 students can take this course, you will have many job and income opportunities


Career advice for 12th Pass students: which course to follow after 12th Pass? Such questions remain in the minds of students who do not want to pursue traditional studies. Many students want to earn money by following a professional course without wasting time in competitions. At the same time, someone also wants to start his own business from which he can earn well. For such students, here we suggest some courses, after which they can earn a lot of money. Try to follow the courses that we are going to give here in a good recognized institute. The courses offered here can be in the form of a 6-month certificate to a two-year diploma or a four-year diploma. You can choose them according to your needs and convenience-

1- Graphic design/animation course:
For these two professional courses, it is necessary that candidates have a good command of the English language and knowledge of computers. In most institutes, 12th Maths students are given preference for these courses, but students from other streams can also take this course. For courses related to graphics and animation, technical knowledge related to drawing, design and software design must be known. Many institutes offer courses for 12th pass students for graphic design or animation or game design. Apart from this, you can also study the Bachelor of Fine Arts. If you’re creative, there’s no better course for you. For people who have good drawing or painting skills, these classes may be better for these people. After the animation and graphic design courses, you can get a minimum salary of around 3 lakh to 5 lakh rupees per year. Apart from work, there is an option to make a free loss in this field or start your own job.

2- Jewelery creation course:
The hobby and necessity of jewelry is a hundreds of years old custom in India. From weddings to weddings, people definitely buy trendy jewelry for every special occasion. Fashion lovers prefer attractive jewelry designs. India has the largest market for gemstones and jewelry in the world, but this industry is mainly in the unorganized sector, where more importance is placed on gold. With the entry of big companies in this sector, now apart from gold, the popularity of gems and stones has also increased. In the jewelry design course, you are told about different types of stones, color palette, design theme, presentation and framing, individual jewelry design, men’s jewelry, costume jewellery, costs, etc.

Top Institute-
NIFT Campus, Opposite Gulmohar Park, Hauz Khas, New Delhi
Smt. Nathibai Damodar Training (SNDT) Women’s University, Mumbai
Gemstone and Jewelery Export Promotion Council, Rajasthan Bhawan, Jaipur
Jewelery Design & Technology Institute, Small Industries Service Institute, Chennai

3- Interior design course:
This course is good for students who are creative and enjoy decorating the home. Just in interior design, they have to design the interior according to the client’s needs. In interior design, in addition to making homes, offices attractive, people also say to make better use of space. Therefore, those taking this course should be creative, communicative and imaginative. There are many institutes offering courses in interior design. You can enroll for these courses after the 12th. As a trainee, one can earn Rs 20-25 thousand per month. Top designers ask for two to three lakh rupees as a tip for one to two pieces.

4- Fashion/shoe design course:
There is no shortage of well-paid vocational courses for candidates who have passed 12th Maths. Young people interested in the world of fashion can pursue a career in this field by taking courses related to fashion or shoe design. There are many fashion design courses, such as fabric dyeing and printing, computer aided design, accessory and jewelry design, modeling, clothing design, leather design, interior design, textile design, textile science, garment construction method. If you have experience after taking styling courses, you can earn Rs 25,000-50,000 per month.


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