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SLEEPY EYE – The Sleepy Eye School Board unanimously approved a resolution on Wednesday, calling for a public hearing for a proposed tax abatement that would help fund a 44-unit apartment complex project at market price to the east end of Sleepy Eye.

The action came on a motion by board member Casey Coulson, seconded by Bryan Sellner, to hold a public hearing and consider a resolution to approve the reduction at the school board meeting on Wednesday, Jan.19, 2022.

Sleepy Eye City director Bob Elston presented information on the tax abatement that he says will help create a $ 5 million three-story apartment complex, to be built by Alliance Building Corporation of Sauk. Rapids. The project would be built on approximately six acres of land south of Kibble Equipment, a John Deere dealership at 1201 Main Street East.

Elston said that as part of the abatement, the school district would waive $ 30,000 in taxes, $ 2,000 a year for 15 years, for the project. Additionally, Elston said it was important for the Town of Sleepy Eye to grow and that the Town of Sleepy Eye and Brown County would also be part of the tax relief request.

“I’m asking you to do this because we have job opportunities here, but it’s hard to grow an economy when there isn’t enough housing. We would like to see everyone who works here, live here ”, said Elston. “We already have three social housing projects. Studies tell us this is what we need. If approved, the project could start next spring and end by spring 2023. ”

Elston said Alliance has completed similar market-priced apartment projects in Gaylord, Glencoe, Montevideo and Paynesville.

“We are impatient to have more accommodation. It’s a good first step, “ said the sleepy-eyed superintendent. John Cselovszki.

The council also has:

* Heard the best workforce plan in the world from teacher Samantha Schmit. She said the school district is exceeding most of the plan’s goals, but is working to improve student test scores with a one-hour, four-day-a-week after-school program for K-8 students. .

* Did not receive any input from the public in a tax truth hearing. Last June, the Board of Directors approved a tax levy of $ 1,076,888 for fiscal 2022 and a budget of $ 8,083,000 for fiscal 2022. Chief Financial Officer Amanda Boomgarden said the Total tax levy was 4.25% ($ 47,840) lower than the previous year, primarily due to lower long-term facility debt and technical quarry costs.

* Approved the hiring of Jorge Almanza as a college girls basketball coach and Marc Riederer as a college boys basketball coach at $ 2,498, depending on participation .

* Approved donations of $ 1,500 for the track and field and weight room programs of Fidelity Charitable on behalf of Brooks and Katie Deibele; $ 1,980.59 lifetime commission for fall photos; $ 1,000 from the Sleepy Eye Servicemen’s Club for fine arts and athletics; $ 30,000 from Marilyn Steinke Stevenson to benefit the Mildred Werring Steinke Memorial Scholarship; $ 250 from Land O’Lakes for the benefit of the FFA program; and $ 19.41 from CAF charities for elementary school trips and incentives for high school students.

* Accepted a donation, amount to be determined from Friends of Education for playground equipment.

* Heard Supt. Cselovszki reports that the district had five elementary school students and three high school students in COVID-19 isolation. He said free home COVID test kits for students and staff were recently ordered and can be picked up by parents at school upon arrival.

Cselovszki said he attended a school webinar on solar grants and plans to continue applying for the grant.

* Elementary Christmas concerts at 6 p.m. on Monday, December 13 for Kindergarten to Grade 4 students and at 6 p.m. on Monday, December 20 for Grades 5 and 6.

(Fritz Busch can be emailed to [email protected]).

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