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ESCANABA – Escanaba Kiwanis Club is preparing to celebrate its first 100 years and has recently undertaken strategic planning for the next 100 years.

Due to the changes, both over the decades and, more specifically, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the local club has slowly declined, according to Escanaba Kiwanis president Gordy Fitch. So much so that the club, which had up to 100 members just a decade ago, currently has 25.

“Because of our shrinking membership, we knew we had to do something different. A small organization cannot do everything ”, he said.

“In September, the club decided to begin strategic planning to discuss changing his role to be a more positive force in the community. said Fitch. The club has developed a mission statement tailored to its new direction. “We are Escanaba Kiwanis, a growing service club that supports young people through service projects, fundraising activities and strategic partnerships. “ Plus, a clear vision statement has been added to help stay on track with their goals. “Our vision is to have a positive impact on all young people in Escanaba as we empower our community through service.”

In addition to continuing to financially support deserving local organizations, the club will focus on participating in service projects with strategic partners.

“The club members concluded that we should focus on community service projects, be in the community to mentor children, provide opportunities for young people, and improve our community and future generations.” he said. “By rolling up our sleeves and carrying out service projects with strategic partners, we can maximize our impact on young people in this area. “

The club is creating strategic partnerships with local organizations that help young people in the Escanaba region. “We want to help them have more impact over time, by providing more resources through our service”, said Fitch.

A secondary benefit of this plan will be to rebuild club membership. “We kept hearing that people wanted to be part of an organization that does service projects, so we plan to get more involved in community projects and grow our club in the process. “ said Fitch.

With this new goal, club members have set themselves a goal of doubling its membership to 50 by October 2022. He said increasing membership would allow the club to do even more to help the community. community.

It’s not just a coincidence that this happens before the club celebrate their 100th anniversary in March. “We are revitalizing ourselves and we will continue for another 100 years. All our members and the community are part of it ”, he said.

The group will host a holiday celebration and invite the community to join them in learning more about the Escanaba Kiwanis Club. The event will take place at the Center des beaux-arts de Bonifas at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 14. This is a free event that includes a visit to the magnificent exhibition in the North Exhibition gallery, an appetizer buffet and refreshments.

Residents who have questions about the Kiwanis Club or the holiday celebration should contact Escanaba Kiwanis at [email protected] or call Patricia Rudden at 906-280-1789. No reservations are necessary and everyone is welcome to attend club meetings and the holiday celebration.

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