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It’s been quite a while since we’ve had this column dedicated to the fan favorite – Cheers and Jeers.

So, for some time now, there has been an accumulation of things that deserve a hearty Cheer or maybe a gruff Jeer instead. So, without further ado, let’s go.

First of all, a big congratulations to four outstanding high school students from the county. United South Central seniors Merideth Klingbeil and Collin Van Cleave and Blue Earth Area’s Lauren Bleess and Vern Johnson are the Triple A (Academics, Arts and Athletics) award winners for 2021. If you read the story of these four students outstanding, you know they are very active in their schools and communities and deserve big congratulations from all of us. These are fine examples of what many of our young people are doing.

While we give Cheers to some of our students, another big Cheer goes to members of the Blue Earth Area Math League who recently won their first-ever trip to the State Math Contest. Congratulations to them and best wishes for success.

And let’s also give another big shout out to the BEA Business Professionals of America Club, 26 of whose members won their own trip to the state competition scheduled for March 11-12.

A series of Cheers can be sent to Blue Earth Chamber of Commerce winners. Business of the Year went to Agents of Edward Jones, David Roper and Chase Brandt, Rising Star went to Cabin Coffee and Community Service winner was Dr. Bob Bogan. And while we’re at it, another Cheer goes to Wells Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year, Mike Schrader.

It’s time to laugh, and that’s because Faribault County leads the south-central Minnesota region in the number of COVID-19 deaths per capita. Now, it’s true that we’ve had roughly 50 deaths in the past two years due to the coronavirus, but our total population in the county is so low that it increases that overall per capita rate. Still, not a distinction we’d like to have.

We have to cheer the Minnesota Vikings on for hiring a new coach and general manager and trying to shake things up a bit. After sending a Jeer or two their way for the past two years, we thought we owed them a Cheer.

We always hope every year that we can give the Vikes a big thumbs up at the end of the season.

This may be the year… says the eternal optimist.

Kudos to the Elmore Legion Post for making the bold decision to move the Legion Post to the old Bogey Bar at the Minn-Iowa Golf Course. It looks like this could be a good thing for both the Legion and the golf course and we wish them well in their new adventure.

A Cheer should be given to the Friends of the Blue Earth Library for all they do for the library. Their newest project is a series of murals on the outside wall of the library, and they will be a great addition to the new plans to spruce up the library.

A mockery is that our law enforcement and Faribault County District Court are far too busy with domestic violence cases, drug cases and other serious crimes. Unfortunately, there are far too many.

There are various reasons for this, but the fact that we seem to have more than our fair share in the county deserves a hoot.

Kudos to the fact that Blue Earth will continue to have the services of a local veterinarian. And we welcome Dr. Zach Adams, as he takes over the veterinary clinic from Dr. Bob Bogan. And, we’d be remiss if we didn’t send a Cheer to everyone who worked so hard, for some time, to make this happen – including Blue Earth’s EDA and others. Congratulations on a job well done.

We add a last-minute joke to the sad news that Congressman Jim Hagedorn passed away last night after a three-year battle with cancer. Whether you like his politics or not, we can attest to his love for all things Minnesota’s First Congressional District.

And you’ll have to excuse me for sending that last Cheer. It goes down to the wonderful staff at the Faribault County Registry and the fact that they recently received eight quite prestigious awards from the Minnesota Newspaper Association.

Yeah, I know, just a little bit selfish. But this wonderful staff deserves a pat on the back every once in a while.

But then, aren’t we all. Health to you.


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