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Carry an amulet in the bag, always carry quartz, bring yellow underwear, throw seeds on the floor of your house … Forget these stories! Here we share the rituals that will really help you make your money pay more.

• Carry a stamp in your wallet.


Or it can also be simply a piece of paper. The point is that you carry with you a reminder of your financial goals. Write down everything you want to achieve and keep it with your card or money. So, the next time you want to spend on something unnecessary you will have to think twice.

• Make a clean.

Take out all the vouchers, tickets and receipts you have in your wallet, bag or backpack. Check your expenses so you can identify what your main money leaks are. To make your income more profitable, the first thing you should do is to know what your fortnight is going on.

• Make a mooring.

This is very simple: tie your belt. Stop spending on visits to the corner store, takeaway or taxis because it was late. Limit your expenses to those strictly necessary and reduce waste as much as you can in food, electricity, gas, etc.

• Protect your money.

protect money

You don’t have to do a ritual to protect your money. Just make sure that the websites where you do bank transactions are safe and never share your account PIN. This way, your money will be safe.

• Buy an elephant.

Or it can also be a pig. Actually, the shape of the piggy bank doesn’t matter much. Although this is not the ideal savings method, you can use the piggy bank to save money for smaller projects, such as buying a printer or painting the house. Start by saving coins of 5 or 10 pesos, and gradually increase the amounts.

• Light a candle.

\And turn off a spotlight. It may not seem like it, but you are probably wasting a lot of money on basic services. In addition to being not very ecological, the irresponsible use of resources (water, electricity, gas) negatively impacts your finances. Learn to better manage your resources so you don’t waste money.

• Attracts abundance.


We are sorry to tell you, but there is no miraculous formula for making quick money. Wealth does not come by magic, but by constant effort and work. If you want to achieve something, make a plan and work until you reach it. So sooner or later the abundance will come to your home.

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