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Apply to participate in the Shape Open 2022!

The annual Shape Open is back! This year, we have launched a call for artists producing works in response to the theme “In the mirror”.

Apply now for a chance to be part of our Shape Open 2022 online exhibition.

This year’s theme for the Shape Open is “In The Mirror”.

How is our sense of self influenced by outside forces? How we understand ourselves is influenced by how we feel reflected and represented around us. For people with disabilities, these representations can often look like distorted mirrors; reflecting expectations rather than reality.

How are people with disabilities represented in culture? They often make the headlines, but are people with disabilities authentically reflected in the society to which they belong? Representations of people with disabilities have tended to extremes: from pity to inspirational pornography, time and again the disabled person is presented as a fable from which ‘normal’ society should learn.

This topic can be approached in various ways. Mirrors have often been used by artists to explore this complex process of self-understanding; from sculpture and fine art to photography, digital media and even meme culture, seeing themselves symbolically, not just visually.

This symbolic role of mirrors shows that our identity is found in many places. Not just pictures of ourselves, but in the things we share online, the music we listen to, or the communities we belong to.

We are looking for works that explore self-representation. How do you feel about how you are reflected in contemporary culture?

We strongly advise you to read the FAQ document before starting your application.

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