Glassberries combines digital and design in the manufacture of glass


The Glassberrries Awards last week celebrated the best of digital in glass design and manufacturing.

The annual gathering – the first in-person since the pandemic – challenged students to develop glass packaging for the wine segment that will benefit from datamatrix encoding technology, to make each bottle unique.

In total, 177 participants from 10 European universities submitted more than 120 projects, 84 finalist projects were selected, eight of which were awarded.

The ceremony took place at the World of Wine in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal on June 29. With the landscape of the Douro River and the heart of the Port wine cellars, BA Glass customers, students, partners, professors and people were eager to share ideas and network.

The ceremony featured guest speakers who addressed topics such as the importance of recycling as a key element in achieving sustainable circularity in glass packaging, and the presentation of datamatrix encoding as a powerful tool traceability and connection with consumers.

During the Q&A, BA Glass was asked by some of its customers about the use of these technologies in their own products.

Reinaldo Coelho, Technical Director of the company, explained how this process is already deployed and tested in some BA Glass production lines: “At the moment we are in a trial phase. We already have the equipment, and we do engravings and follow the standards for that. What you have seen here today is a reality.

Students had the opportunity to present their proposals, explaining the process of developing their own concepts and designs. It was also an opportunity for the public to award an additional prize, the Special Ceremonial Prize.

First place goes to students Mariusz Śmietana and Hanna Kossakowska from the University of Fine Arts in Poznan.

To conclude, Sandra Santos, CEO of BA Glass, reinforced the company’s commitment to developing better and more efficient processes supported by digitalization, to conform to market needs, achieve sustainability goals and become more attractive.


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