Haute Design welcomes AM House to its exclusive Haute Design network


Arlyn mateo

The Haute Design Network, well known for its exclusive and luxurious Haute Living lifestyle publication, is privileged to feature Arlyn Mateo, of AM House, as a member and expert in the interior design field. As a partner of Haute Design, AM House exclusively represents the interior design market of Coral Gables, FL.

Designed as a partnership-driven luxury design portal featuring two leading interior designers in each leading market across the globe, Haute Design is focused on growing its members’ brands as a key design influencers considered to be the best in their specific market.


Arlyn Mateo, founder of the new AM House, is a curator and art dealer who doesn’t believe in a world of mass production and soulless acquisition. Art must be made inviolable. A painting is not a thing, it has a soul, it has life, it brings emotion.

This is why she has created an exquisite space that showcases stunning works of art that stimulate the viewer and make them want more. Arlyn is passionate about art and its undeniable influence on global markets. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, a master’s degree in finance and a master’s degree in fine arts.

Early in her career, she focused on finding first-rate works of art for her clients, including pieces by 21st century masters. This sparked a passion to be part of the discovery and establishment of new artists who will go down in history as the masters of this generation.

Since its inception, AM House has established itself as a global arts platform for the world’s most distinctive talent.

The gallery, located in Miami’s most exclusive Coral Gables neighborhood, made a strong impression. The design of AM Gallery is something to admire and discuss. The space wants to provide the opportunity not only to acquire a piece of art you’ll love, but to invite people to learn and participate in art discussions that the art community can feel free to share. ideas, inspire and create life.

The founding of AM House had one main goal, to create an open platform for global, bright and powerful talent. AM House aims to be a platform that is a more welcoming vessel for revolutionary ideas to recognize excellence by merit. The gallery successfully introduces the foundations of the careers of contemporary artists.

AM House exclusively represents artists from all over the world, including the talented and renowned Juan Carlos Reyes, Melissa Mejía Risik, Aquiles Azar Billini, Eilen Jorge and many more.

AM House also offers collectors top-notch works of art such as Salvador Dalí, Andy Warhol, Joan Miró, Julie Curtis and many more.

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