Hitting the Course: Q&A with Raema Lyda


It’s where, for the past seven years, Karen – who also coaches basketball – and Bryan have planned games together as the head of the Cardinals’ cross country and track and field programs.

The husband and wife, married for 36 years, are living their best life together.

“It’s a blessing, I like it. It gives us time together to do similar things,” Bryan said. “It’s been great to share and do the same things together.”

Karen added: “We have become stronger in our marriage, stronger spiritually. We both participated in a Coach Outreach Bible Study in the morning as well.

Working at the same school and coaching the same sport made some of the intricacies of the job easier. Hold meetings. Work on logistics and plans for practices or meetings. Everything is much simpler when the one you are doing it with lives in the same household.

Then they shared the other coaching duties fairly evenly.

“I drive the bus,” Karen said with a laugh.

Bryan remarked back, “I’m the buyer. Also, workouts, stay on the kids and that’s how it works. Good teamwork.”

The most entertaining part of their daily job is seeing what the athletes will call them. Since they are both Coach Bozman and their son Russell, who is on the football coaching staff, is also Coach Bozman, the kids had to get creative.

Thus, they proposed “Baby Bozman” for Russell, “Daddy Bozman” for Bryan and “Momma Bozman” for Karen.

“They really love having us together,” Karen said.

Outside of the dilemma of what to call them, Bryan and Karen are outstanding coaches.

“I love watching this lady coach,” Bryan said. “She is so smart and so talented. So it’s been good to learn from her and be part of the program with her.

They enjoyed training together and for them, seeing their impact on student-athletes translate into success on the cross-country course, on the track or on the basketball court are the most rewarding moments of the year.

“Just being able to share the experiences of bringing a child to the state,” Karen said. “To see them excel in their athletic ability and grow into the young person they become through athletics.”

Added Bryan, “We love those light bulb moments when it clicks, and they finally get it and they see those improvements. You can just watch their confidence grow right before your eyes.


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