How to start the Delicious Last Course DLC


Players who want to check out Cuphead’s The Delicious Last Course DLC can learn how to access its content in this guide.

Cupheadit is The delicious last dish The DLC gives players the chance to travel to a whole new island and take on its many challenges. That said, fans cannot engage with this new content immediately after starting a file, as there are certain prerequisites that they must meet first. Fortunately, this can be done very quickly and players can access Cupheadit is The delicious last dish DLC shortly after the start of the base game.

How to Start Cuphead: The Last Course’s Yummy DLC

In order to start the Delicious last course DLC, players must complete Cuphead‘s first mausoleum. While there are several ways to reach this level, here is the easiest option for fans who want to get into the expansion content as quickly as possible:


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  1. Finish the tutorial.
  2. Cross the bridge making sure to stop and talk to Apple for free coins.
  3. Complete Forest Follies, the Run and Gun level in Cuphead it’s just after the bridge.
  4. Cross the new bridge that appears and go down to reach the first mausoleum.
  5. Parry Hit all the pink ghosts to release the Legendary Chalice and complete Mausoleum I.

Players should now find that a new NPC has appeared in front of the first mausoleum, and speaking to them will reveal that the legendary chalice needs help on a remote island. The character will be happy to take fans to this island by boat, and they can begin their journey simply by selecting “yes” when prompted to leave. This action will trigger a cutscene that marks the start of Cupheadit is The delicious last dish DLCs.

Note, players who prefer to access the DLC on an old save file can do so. Indeed, these fans should receive a message that the ferryman has arrived when the game starts, and it will also note the location of the NPC. If this does not happen, then the Cuphead player must confirm that he has purchased and installed the Delicious last course DLC then restart the game.

For fans who are curious about what they will find once they start the DLC, the new island is home to 12 bosses. Although players don’t need to defeat all of these enemies to reach the credits, this is a great way to increase the duration of Cupheadit is The delicious last dish DLCs. Fans can also extend their time with the expansion by pursuing all of its new achievements.

Cuphead: the delicious last dish is available now on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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