Inauguration of the University of Art, Architecture, Design and Heritage of Aror


The University of Aror is the guardian of the true nuances of art, architecture, design and heritage of the region and beyond. Teacher. Dr. Samreen Hussain, Vice Chancellor

Inaguration of Sindh University of Art, Architecture, Design and Heritage of Aror, organized by Syed Khursheed Shah, Federal Minister for Water Resources and Prof. Dr Samreen Hussain, Vice Chancellor, who established a sparkling new era of creative learning in all walks of life. It is a great revival of history that can truly remind everyone of the past glory of the great Indus Valley Civilization. Speakers on the occasion said Aror University is the custodian of the true nuances of art, architecture, design and heritage in the region and beyond. It is about making unleaded art, architecture, design and heritage accessible, inclusive and meaningful through multiple approaches of technological improvisations, creative and critical thinking integrated with written, oral and visual expressions. appreciating the richness of diversity and cultural values.

This is a reality on the ground in Pakistan where little emphasis has been placed on art, design and culture education, where less emphasis is placed in the province of Sindh. After independence in 1947, all established schools of art and industry in Sindh had been closed due to various problems, and no serious effort to restructure these schools had been made. Therefore, a land comprising in the heart of the Indus Valley, which is rich in a tradition of arts, crafts and culture, is given over to the teaching of fine arts, applied arts and liberal arts. Considering the general background of art education in the country, it is pertinent to mention that the department of fine arts is present in almost all universities in Pakistan, but with an inadequate and conductive atmosphere. Art departments are treated like other theoretically based departments, therefore, proper attention is lacking to the practical realm of art and design. Aror University of Arts, Architecture, Design and Heritage of Sindh is a premier institute for students from across the province of Sindh and other provinces of Pakistan. Aror University of Sindh will offer undergraduate programs (4 years) in Architecture, Fine Arts and Textile Design.


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