Inside ‘Disneyland’ prison with GARDEN where Ghislaine Maxwell faces jail – and who inspired Orange Is the New Black


GHISLAINE Maxwell will serve her 20-year sentence in a luxury prison similar to Disneyland.

The twisted 60-year-old showed no emotion as she was jailed for two decades after apologizing to her victims.


Maxwell’s attorney requested that she be sent to the low-security Federal Correctional Institute in Danbury, Connecticut
The shamed socialite was today jailed for 20 years


The shamed socialite was today jailed for 20 yearsCredit: Getty
She apologized to her victims as she took the stand during her sentencing hearing


She apologized to her victims as she took the stand during her sentencing hearingCredit: Reuters

The disgraced Maxwell lured vulnerable teenagers to be abused by vile multi-millionaire Epstein at his various luxury properties – with the pair described as ‘partners in crime’.

In passing sentence, Judge Alison Nathan said Maxwell’s victims were forced to experience “the painful, horrific and lasting impact of this trauma”.

She continued: “The damage done to these girls was incalculable.

“Those who commit and facilitate sexual abuse will be held accountable by law. Whether you are rich or powerful, no one is above the law.”

Judge Nathan also fined the heiress $750,000 (£615,000) and said her sentence would be followed by five years on probation.

And she recommended that Maxwell be sent to the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut, a low-security facility about 55 miles from New York.

This is where Piper Kerman, author of Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison on which the hit Netflix series was based, served 13 months for money laundering.

The confinement will serve as a respite after the socialite spent months locked up in the notorious Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, considered one of the harshest prisons in America.

The plush prison would give Maxwell more freedoms with features like a running track, library, and even a gardening class

The prison – which has 1,049 male and female inmates – offers a number of comfortable programs for inmates, including vocational training in culinary arts and horticulture and apprenticeships in baking, carpentry, animal training and painting.

Inmates can also train to become dental assistants, office managers and plumbers.

Experts say Epstein’s ex-lover will feel like she’s in “Disneyland” if locked up in federal prison.

Expert Justin Paperny once said The temperature Maxwell “really endured the worst prison has to offer” in “arguably the worst detention facility in America” ​​while in custody.

Prior to her trial, Maxwell’s lawyers tried repeatedly – ​​and unsuccessfully – to persuade the judge to release her on bail, complaining that she was enduring “living hell”.

She spoke out sensationally from her ‘wretched and damp’ prison cell, saying ‘scary’ guards watched her while she used the bathroom and her only company were the rats by the drain. open sewer.

His lawyers even argued that his conditions of detention were only suitable for fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter, saying his continued detention was “untenable and unreasonable”.

It comes like…

Maxwell also moaned that the prison computers were “too slow” while in another bizarre complaint she revealed she “played peekaboo” with prison guards and had an imaginary friend.

She also complained of being “weak” and “frail” due to poor dining options provided by the US government.

It comes as Maxwell was today jailed for 20 years for decades of abuse after treating dozens of girls for twisted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The 60-year-old lured vulnerable teenagers for vile multi-millionaire Epstein to abuse at his various luxury properties – with the pair described as ‘partners in crime’.

Dressed in a prison-issued uniform, Maxwell apologized to her victims, saying she hopes her sentencing brings them “peace and purpose”.

She told the court that Epstein was her “biggest regret”.

Maxwell said: “It is difficult for me to address the court after listening to the pain and anguish expressed in the statements made here today.

“I believe Jeffrey Epstein was a manipulative, cunning and controlling man who lived a deeply compartmentalized life and deceived everyone in his orbit.”

She said the pedophile “should have been here before all of you”, admitting: “Today is not about Epstein. It is up to me to be ultimately convicted.”

Looking at his victims, Maxwell added, “I’m sorry for the pain you felt.

“I hope my sentencing and harsh incarceration bring you closure, peace and finality.”

Maxwell said knowing the effects of his crimes “tortures me every day”.

Annie Farmer said Maxwell’s latest attempt to apologize to his victims seemed “hollow”, but the victims were “pleased” with the sentence.

She told reporters outside the court: “Her statement sounds very much like a very hollow apology and she did not take responsibility for the crimes she committed.

“It was like she was once again trying to do something for her own good and not at all for the harm she had caused.”

Maxwell was held at the notorious Metropolitan Detention Center


Maxwell was held at the notorious Metropolitan Detention Center
The 60-year-old 'served' girls for the vile Jeffrey Epstein


The 60-year-old ‘served’ girls for the vile Jeffrey EpsteinCredit: AFP

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