Kick off registration in Spring 2022 with these Ted Lasso-themed course recommendations


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Registration for the spring semester 2022 is fast approaching as a pass from Sam Obisanya of “Ted Lasso”. The Daily Orange Culture team has organized a list of courses available next semester with a “Ted Lasso” touch.

Ted lasso

AAS 411 – Music and the life of the prince
Ted Lasso is a traveling encyclopedia of cultural references. Students learn a healthy dose of Prince and the cultural relevance of the music icon in the classroom from Dr. James Williams. I plan to leave the class with a deeper appreciation for the impact Prince has had on fashion and society, in addition to a Spotify playlist of his hit songs.

ENG 170 – American cinema, from the beginnings to the present day
If you want to fully understand each Ted Lasso Easter Egg, taking this course is the first step in expanding your film knowledge to a Lasso level. This course not only examines films from a historical perspective, but it also examines the affairs of Hollywood and its influence on produced art. After ENG 170, you too might be able to call yourself a “rom-communist”.

HST 357 – Culture and Politics in Early Modern England: Henry VIII to Charles I
Before accepting the post at AFC Richmond – a British professional football club – Ted Lasso had never visited the UK. If you also need to brush up on your British knowledge, this history course will cover one of the most influential periods in British history. Expect to find men even more wacky than Ted: medieval English kings.


Keeley jones

PRL 206 – Principles and Practices of Public Relations
Think you have what it takes to maintain a brand image and use social media as well as Keeley Jones? The PRL 206 introduces students to the basics of public relations, including understanding social media trends and building communication between a business and the public.

AIC 102 – Arts in Context II
As a business model turned boss, Keeley Jones understands the different applications of the arts. She uses her time in fashion and sports modeling as a PR for the “Ted Lasso” team. As this show shows, knowing the arts is always helpful, and this course gives everyone, not just VPA students, a chance to learn more about the arts.

Rebecca Welton

EEE 370 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Emerging Businesses
Although Rebecca didn’t set up AFC Richmond Football Club on her own, she managed it once she took over ownership from her ex-husband with her creativity and leadership skills. “Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Emerging Business” helps students learn what is needed to start and grow a business.

WGS 201 – Global Feminisms
Rebecca Welton is the antagonist of the boss of Richmond, and to fully understand the intricacies and nuances of her once evil, then ambitious character arc, you need to have an understanding of feminism in an international context. “Global Feminisms” explores how the school of thought has shifted across continents and political systems, something that can be easily applied to global media and cinema.

FST 203 – Fine Pastries and Desserts
If Welton could fit this class into her busy schedule, she might consider taking it since Lasso bakes her cookies every day. In “Fine Pastries and Desserts”, students will learn the basics of baking, finishing and plating for parties and desserts.

Sam obisanya

AAS 341 – Africa Policy
Along with Sam’s home country of Nigeria, the African continent has been the victim of intrusions from other countries. This course addresses the issues in Africa surrounding the decolonization of the continent, including political freedom, democracy and self-reliance.

ANT 185 – World Encounters: Comparing Worldviews and Values ​​Transculturally
Sam struggles to cope with culture shock and overcome his homesickness. He also went to great lengths to open a Nigerian restaurant. ANT 185, as a crash course in writing and humanity, will discuss unequal encounters across all kinds of cultures on a global scale and commodity trade cases.

Coach beard

FST 422 – Wine and Beer Appreciation
Coach Beard and Lasso often enjoy a beer together after games. Students can intensify their appreciation of beer in one of the most popular courses in the Food Studies Program. In the classroom, students can try beers from around the world, which they can continue to explore at bars in Syracuse like Faegan’s Cafe & Pub and Wolff’s Biergarten.

PHI 171 – Critical Thinking
If you’re a deep thinker like Coach Beard, then “critical thinking” might be your alley next semester. In PHI 171, students will study and assess reasoning, including arguments, explanations, and rationale for decisions.

LIT 102 – Introduction to classical literature
If you know one thing about Coach Beard, you know he always has a book in hand. He and Lasso bond in reading, and that’s something everyone could do in this Classical Literature course as well. Through reading and group discussion, students can aim to be read as well as the AFC Richmond football coach.

Trent Crimm

COM 337 – Real News, False News: Literacy in the Information Age
If you’ve been confused by the outcry from reporters around the world after Trent Crimm broke journalistic ethics by revealing a source at the end of season two, you should take this course. COM 337, a class in which Crimm could learn a thing or two, is open to students interested in news journalism and its ethics.

JNL 211 – Cross-media news writing
Crimm was known to take his work as a journalist very seriously. Students aspiring to enter journalism must know how to write on media platforms these days in order to be successful in the industry. In Cross-Media News Writing, students will learn and improve the value of news, judgment and journalism ethics.

Dr Sharon Fieldstone

PSY 274 – Social Psychology
Impressed with Dr. Sharon Fieldstone’s ability to understand what is going on with others and to help them? Make your psychology debut with “Social Psychology” this spring. Students at PSY 274 study social relationships and interactions, so consider channeling your inner land stone and signing up for PSY 274.

WGS 281 – Sociology of families
Ted Lasso is a show about family and family boating dynamics. But not all of these families are related by blood. Some, like AFC Richmond, are “found families,” and this class explores all forms of families and experiences across social, geographic and economic boundaries.

PHP 302 – Influencing Healthy Behavior
As part of Dr. Fieldstone’s work, she helps people identify and cultivate healthy behaviors and habits. Recognizing and maintaining healthy behaviors doesn’t take a job as a professional psychologist – PHP 302 students learn the factors that interact and encourage healthy behaviors.


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