Leyendecker sets sail for Mexico before landing in ARCOmadrid


the Leyendecker Gallerythe artistic space they manage in the capital of Tenerife Angel Louis of the Cross Yes Lele H. Colomer, faces two big trips in February. Between the 23rd and the 27th it is again present in ARCO Madrid, the great international meeting of the art market in Spain which, in addition and among other functions, plays a fundamental role in the dissemination of the creations of new artists. But before that happens, next Wednesday he visits Mexico City, where until next Sunday he will celebrate Maco region, for many the most important art fair in Latin America. This will be the fourth time Leyendecker will be represented.

The Tenerife Gallery visits the Aztec capital with works by Francisco Rodríguez (Chile), Kennedy Yanko (USA), Amadeo Morelos (Mexico) and GT Pellizzi (Mexico), who will be the protagonists of an artistic intervention on the stand same.

“Our space in the Zona Maco measures 40 square meters – tells Ángel Luis de la Cruz to DIARIO DE AVISOS – and GT Pellizzi, a very interesting artist with whom we did a residency in Tenerife in 2017 and who has also participated in several of our exhibitions, will perform on the site a work on one of the walls, 10×3.66 meters. This is a very original proposal, in which Pellizzi will create an installation with elastic bands impregnated with carbon, which, once tightened, will draw lines on this wall. From there, once this large canvas has been marked, he will work on canvases of different formats, but changing orientation: if the lines are horizontal on the wall, they will be vertical in the painting”.


Ángel Luis de la Cruz also alludes to the presence of the Chilean artist Francisco Rodríguez, who this year will present his creations in one of the great galleries in Beijing, of which Leyendecker will show a large-format oil on canvas in Mexico. The painter’s studio (2021). In 2020, with the title of 56 days under the gaze of TeideRodríguez exhibited in the art space of La Rambla de Santa Cruz the pictorial transcription of the time he spent in Tenerife to develop an artistic residency.

By the New Yorker Kennedy Yanko, who, like Francisco Rodríguez and GT Pellizzi, was present last year at ARCOmadrid with Leyendecker, one of her abstract sculptures can be seen in the Zona Maco. Yanko is building a great reputation in the art world, and even major publications not specializing in this field, such as fashion magazines fashion Where Harper’s Bazaar, echoed his career. Kennedy Yanko also completed an artistic residency at Leyendecker in 2018.

The Mexican Amadeo Morelos, who is currently pursuing his Master of Fine Arts (MFA) at Columbia University in New York, will hang one of his paintings, Earring (2021), on the stand of the Tenerife gallery at the fair in his country.

“The works that we bring to Zona Maco are all great – explains De la Cruz – and we are delighted with the way they will appear on the stand”. “And then, as soon as we come back from Mexico, we will have to quickly change our suitcases, because in a little over a week we will be going to ARCOmadrid”, adds one of the managers of Leyendecker, who anticipates that the space of he exhibition they have designed for the fair in the capital of Spain, of about 90 square meters of surface, will exhibit in its central part works made by five female artists. “Each with a very personal aesthetic language and completely different from the others,” he says.


Both the proposal prepared for Mexico and the one that can be seen in Madrid are new stages in the itinerary that the Leyendecker Gallery has traced since its beginnings: to exhibit and promote the works of emerging international creators. “The only thing that interests me is work and doing the best I can,” says Ángel Luis de la Cruz. “When we opened the gallery in 1979, there was no internet. People discovered the art that was being made in other countries months late. Our idea was to shorten this period and we started bringing artists who lived in Cologne (Germany), which at the time was the most important art city in Europe, to work here. We are talking about very young creators, some of whom today sell their paintings for more than 20 million dollars”.

This was the initial approach, which we did not want to give up at Leyendecker: “Believe in an artist, in his talent, support him and see how he evolves. The biggest reward then is watching that person you believed in starts to matter to major galleries around the world and their works enter museums,” De la Cruz points out.


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