Libraries accepting course reservation requests for the spring 2022 semester



University Libraries are now accepting class reservation requests for the Spring 2022 semester. Instructors are encouraged to complete an online class reservation form and requests will be accepted throughout the year.

Libraries use LibGuides to house all digitized material locally. LibGuides allows the designation of a date when material will no longer be available, which helps U of A to comply with copyright law. Instead of posting material directly to Blackboard, a direct link to all course reserve material in LibGuides will be provided. This link can be posted directly to Blackboard, shared with students via email, or added to programs. Please note that the links provided will only be accessible for one semester. Instructors who wish to use the same material for subsequent semesters must complete a new form to receive an updated link.

All course reservation requests will be processed in the order in which they are received. Library staff will begin processing requests within 2-3 business days of receiving a completed form; however, it is not guaranteed that all requested documents will be available. The process for obtaining copyright clearance for material can be lengthy, so it is recommended that instructors complete class reservation requests as soon as possible.

For assistance locating course materials, instructors can contact their specialist librarian for assistance. Those interested in using existing open educational resources or creating their own can apply to participate in the open educational resource programs of libraries and the world campus or contact the Open Educational Resources team at [email protected]

Mullins Library Course Reserve: (479) 575-4345; [email protected]
Multimedia library: (479) 575-5517; [email protected]
Chemistry / Biochemistry Library: (479) 575-2557; [email protected]
Physics Library: (479) 575-2505; [email protected]
Fine Arts Library: (479) 575-4708; [email protected]



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