Loan without income certificates – where to look?

Many borrowers reach for financial products, which are free non-bank loans and loans without certification. Some loan companies allow you to spread the liability over a maximum of 30 days, while others even up to 60 months. Installment loans over the Internet with a fast transfer to the borrower’s account are becoming increasingly popular.

Why are installment loans so popular?

Why are installment loans so popular?

Installment non-bank loans are an attractive alternative to traditional bank loans. In their favor speaks among others minimum formalities, the possibility of submitting a loan application via the Internet, often no need to submit any statements, as well as the possibility of taking the first loan for free (although it is the domain of popular payday loans, i.e. short-term loans).

Installment loans can be divided into several

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Several convenient installments. Spreading the payment of the liability over time allows for a relatively low monthly installment, which, as a consequence, does not pose a heavy burden on the household budget. APRC of installment loans is very diverse. Some lenders set them for a few to several percent, while others even set a few hundred to several thousand percent. It is worth checking the value of the Real Annual Interest Rate before applying for a loan with the institution. Installment loans, however, are usually a cheaper option than quick payday loans. In some cases, the cost of installment loans is even lower than for traditional consumer loans granted by banks.

Loan companies offering loans without certification

In which loan companies can we get a loan without certification? Here are some of the lenders who offer this type of financial products on the Polish non-banking market.

It should be remembered that each of the lenders may ask for documents (including income confirmation, bank statements) in extraordinary situations. Even if he declares that the loan they grant is without certificates. The loan application should include monthly income. It is necessary to provide a true value. Providing false data in the loan application may threaten, among others consequences for attempted extortion.