Michigan State University offering the Adulting 101 summer course


EAST LANSING, Mich. (Gray News) – Michigan State University is offering students the opportunity to take an Adulting 101 course over the summer.

Classes are scheduled every Tuesday from July 12 to August 2.

According to the university, the Adult 101 helps teens and young adults demystify the murky reality of being an “adult” through engaging educational sessions. Each session will contain important life skills and tools needed to live independently.

Summer school is scheduled to take place virtually at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and last one hour.

Michigan State shared the Adult 101 program:

July 12: getting organized

Discover various digital tools to help you stay organized. We’ll discuss how to create a to-do list, keep an organized calendar, reduce clutter, and find things faster.

July 19: Food storage at home

Learn what blanching is, what foods need to be blanched and why, what foods freeze well and what foods don’t. These tips will help you preserve your food and save money.

July 26: Tenant informed

Know your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. We’ll talk about the rental process, from finding a home to moving.

August 2: Healthy U

How do you stay healthy now and in the future? Learn some strategies and ways to defend your well-being, to stay mentally and physically healthy during your transition to adulthood.

Registration is currently open until August 1st.

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