Not a single college in Andhra Pradesh offers fine arts classes – The New Indian Express



Through Express news service

VIJAYAWADA: Budding artists, who want to get a fine arts degree, are forced to study at colleges in other states because there isn’t a single college except state universities that offers the lesson. This despite the state government’s emphasis on fine art at every event. Across the state, there are seven music and dance colleges run by the state government. Recently, the government has also offered to expand the existing colleges and establish new ones in each district. However, there is no word on the offer of a Bachelor of Fine Arts course. Currently, it is only offered by Andhra University, Nagarjuna University and Sri Venkateswara University.

Each year, admission to the course at each university is 60-90 students. “I want to be a professional photographer and for that, the best way is to go for BFA. The universities are full. I tried my luck at Jawaharlal Nehru University of Architecture and Fine Arts (JNAFAU) in Telangana. Fortunately, I got the admission. But my friend couldn’t, ”said Ch Sridhar, a BFA student at JNAFAU. A senior official from the Culture and Arts Department said the course will soon be offered at new colleges.



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