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Photo provided – Ann Senkbeil, Executive Secretary of Ohio County Schools, left, and Walt Saunders, Director of Federal Programs, prepare the Stifel Awards to be presented to students in Ohio County Schools.

WHEELING – More than 200 outstanding students from schools across Ohio County have received the prestigious Stifel Award.

A total of $202,880 was awarded to 219 deserving students in the 2022 Stifel Awards, and the awards were recently mailed to the recipients. Stifel directors Diane Crowl, Paula McClure and Joan Stamp said there will be no Stifel Awards ceremony this year, but expect the ceremony to return in the future.

WesBanco of Wheeling is the trustee of the Stifel Trust Fund, and Stamp credited WesBanco chartered financial analyst Steve Kellas for overseeing the trust. She also thanked Ohio County Schools Federal Programs Director Walt Saunders for his work recognizing students.

Stamp said the Trustees are proud to continue the tradition of the Stifel Prize and that the Stifel Trust is providing students with such a large sum of money. She noted that she and the trustees were also thrilled that the Stifel Trust was able to fund the Ohio County Schools Rope Camp and Robotics Camp.

“The fund has grown over the years, and we are fortunate to increase the prize money this year,” Stamp said. “It’s the reward for hard work. In addition to being able to increase the price, we also subscribe to the summer rope program and robotics. It was really fun to see the kids getting so involved.

Saunders thanked the Stifel administrators for again rewarding and recognizing deserving students. He said a unique aspect of the Stifel awards is that students are not often rewarded with cash for their achievements in the classroom. Saunders said the award and cash prizes are greatly appreciated by the recipients and their families.

Ohio County Schools are congratulating Stifel winners and highlighting them on social media. Stifel winners are encouraged to have their photo taken with their Stifel award certificate and forward it to [email protected] Photos will be posted on social media as they are received.

The Stifel Awards are named in honor of the late George E. Stifel, who endowed a trust for the encouragement of education in public schools. Stifel awards are given for academic achievement in the classroom and on standardized achievement tests. A student must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher, must be an Ohio County resident, and must be a US citizen to be eligible.

George E. Stifel was born in Wheeling in 1849. He owned and operated the Stifel department store in downtown Wheeling. He was known for his public service and philanthropy, and he was inducted into the Wheeling Hall of Fame in 1979. In 1926, Stifel established a dedicated endowment to fund his town’s children forever. He hoped that students would believe that a good education was “well worth the ambition, the patient work and the sacrifices it may require”.

Stifel Prize Winners

Bethlehem Elementary School – 5th grade

1) Zachary Gaylor

2) Ashtine Long

3) Brayden Sheedy

4) Maddox Matthews

5) Ali Morris Bethlehem

6) Eli shook

7) Brianna Miller

Elm Grove Elementary School – Grade 5

1) Liam Donaghy

2) Ava Maclay

3) Alivia Beadle

4) Rianna Farrow

5) Sophia Gooch

6) Annabel Davis

7) Jenna purpura

7) Grayson Doors

Madison Elementary School – 5th grade

1) Josiah Miller

2) Robert McCoy

3) Benely Newland

4) The Precious Ellsworth

5) Maddyson Kaminsky

6) Xavier Loos

7) Constance Saunders

Middle Creek Elementary School – Grade 5

1) Clara Straight

2) Carleigh Laudermilt

3) Jackson Heinrich

4) Makyja Stuart

5) Addison Stout

6) Ciara Mead

7) Aubree Wayts

Ritchie Elementary School – Grade 5

1) Thomas Hastings

2) Eris Moore

3) Layla Markwas

4) Jace Hinton

5) Shae Mallery

6) Sonia Lopez

7) Nahayla Nally

Steenrod Elementary School – Grade 5

1) Peilin Yu

2) Julie Brammer

3) Colt Givens

4) Cooper Benefits

5) Miles Rockey

6) Adriana Moses

7) Leah Bunce

7) Mollie Brammer

West Liberty Elementary School – Grade 5

1) Hayden Gonzalez

2) Lily Tennant

3) Rylie Napier

4) Lillyanna Paree

5) Coalton Lemasters

6) Ford Turkey

7) Brayden Stimpert

Woodsdale Elementary Schools – Grade 5

1) Caroline Wack

2) Rosalie Dobson

3) Sebastien Molina

4) Zacharie Larance

5) Levi Helms

6) Adeline Heldreth

7) Michael Marling

Bridge Street Middle School – Grade 6

1) Samuel Lewis

2) Olivia Wagner

3) Kymber Heldreth

3) Abigail O’Donnell

4) Brayden Kempkens

5) Dominic Scarnecchia

6) Jaxson Updegraff

7) Jackie Maxwell Bridge Street Middle School 6th Grade 6th Place

Bridge Street Middle School – Grade 7

1) Rachel Lewis

2) Khadija Rizwan

3) Drew Tarrant

4) Dalton Meyer

5) Alicia Harvath

6) Brady Petrock

7) Tessa Osborne

Bridge Street Middle School – Grade 8

1) Brody Davis

2) Dayton Van Fossen

2) Lilian Recline

3) Levi Henri

4) Ella Petrucci

5) Gavin Hudrlik

6) Heath Miller

Triadelphia Middle School – Grade 6

1) Brielle Dobson

2) Green ouch

3) Molly Bradshaw

4) Brenna Tipton

5) Blair Anderson

6) Kamden Russell

7) Flannery Muscar

Triadelphia Middle School – Grade 7

1) Alexei Zhao

2) Morgan Oleksiak

3) Mason Franke

4)Owen King

5) Clinton Cox

6) Rex Montanye

7) Jaxon Anderson

Triadelphia Middle School – Grade 8

1) Nathan Tyska

2) Madeleine Bradshaw

3) Julia Dunaway

4) Zaria Hanson

5) Cash donations

6) Chloe Brammer

7) Brennan Wack

Warwood School – 5th grade

1) Zoey Gross

2) Kendyl Lewis

3) Alexandre Bois

4) Madison Brothers

5) Emily Riser

6) Elah-Grace Konkle

7) Della Jarrett

Wheeling Middle School – Grade 6

1) Alexandra Frey

2) Colin Phillips

3) Cheyenne Kaminsky

4) Ethan Williams

5) Kyla Varner

6) Catherine Smith

7) Mika Wright

Wheeling Middle School – Grade 7

1) Elyn Dibartolomeo

2) Elliana McCabe

2) Jocelyn Britton

3) Kylah Cunningham

4) Quinn Swamp

4) Isabelle Hoskins

5) Khushbakht Aftab

Wheeling Middle School – Grade 8

1) Addison Baker

2) Karma Hughes

3) Heather works

4) Brody Tustin

5) Nathan Cha

6) Anthony Sikole

7) Emma McPherson

Warwood School – 6th grade

1) Jacob Breitinger

2) Sawyer Mayle

3) Maggie Miller

4) Patience Flecher

5) Riley Miller

6) Kinsley Edmond

7) Mason Bishop

Warwood School – Grade 7

1) Tristin González

2) Sydney Raven

3) Mikaïla Graski

4) Jonathan Burdett

5) Alexis Ferrel

6) Canfield Gage

7) Laiken Davis

Warwood School – Grade 8

1) Lucelus Swartz

2) Joshua Huffman

3) Molly George

4) Adam McCreary

4) Conor Wood

5) Conner Miller

6) Hailey Hastings

6) Brian González

Wheeling Park High School – Grade 9

1) Kaleb Tommier

2) Tiernan Cox

3) Harper Moores

4) Mackenzie Kret

5) Trenton Rosenthal

6) Mia Castellucci

7) Alexis Bordas

8) Maxwell Seibert

9) Isabelle Thomas

10) Reese Moore

11) Layce Fikey

12) Cameron Fullerton

13) Friend Ariauna

14) Danielle Daugherty

15) Deanna Freidel

16) Nehlen Sobutka

Wheeling Park High School – Grade 10

1) Grant Kenamond

2) Catherine Prather

3) Ayden Cotrill

4) Ryan Linder

5) Merritt Delk

6) Marin Hedges

7) Hayden Davis

8) Rylin Russell

9) Lily Osborne

9) Lance Miller III

10) Evan Stingle

11) Jackson Kiziminsky

12) Jared Marsh

13) Fatima Ahad

14) Jessica Armstrong

15) Andie Gheen

Wheeling Park High School – Grade 11

1) Mariana Alkhouri

2) Jacob Huffman

3) Luke Wang

4) Grace O’Neil

5) Emma Mohring

6) Makenna Kelly

7) Nakayi Simoyi

8) Maxwell McGovern

9) Mackay Mattingley

10) Jonas Nizami

11) Olivia Kuntz

12) Seth Scott

13) Nadia Szymialis

13) Lacie Langmyer

14) Helen Ross

15) Alex Kepreos

Wheeling Park High School – Grade 12

1) Harper Aulick

2) Braeden Keen

3) Elisabeth Wolf

4) Savannah Turner-Davis

5) Chloe Holmes

6) Mia Zecca

7) Gracie Schehl

8) Lauren Taylor

9) Abigail Barki

10) Kaden Cunningham

11) Kaylynn Hall

12) Briana Schultz

13) Rosalyn Hill

14) Andrew Tyska

15) Kailey Johnson

16) Arianna Morris

Wheeling Park High School CTE Department Researcher – John Johnson

Wheeling Park High School ELA Department Scholar – Aliyah Pelley

Wheeling Park High School Fine and Performing Arts Department Student – ​​Eliza Aulick

Wheeling Park High School Mathematics Department Scholar – Kaylynn Hall

Wheeling Park High School Science Department Scholar – Gracie Schehl

Wheeling Park High School Social Studies Department Researcher – Jacob Martin

Wheeling Park High School World Languages ​​Department Scholar – Aliyah Pelley

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