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With everything she’s done in her high school career, St. Edmond Catholic School senior Emma Alstott has given it her all.

Alstott, who has been heavily involved as a Gael in a number of activities and athletics, hopes this is what constitutes her legacy.

“I hope that future St. Edmond artists will remember me as the person who put 100% into everything I did,” she says, “no matter how hard it is.”

Alstott, who will attend Iowa State University at Ames in the fall, has been involved with the speech, choir, Play Like A Champion committee, student government, fine arts showcase, music stage team , the St. Edmond Honor Society as well as volleyball, basketball and Track.

“Personally, it means so much to me to be involved because some people in my family who came before me never had the opportunity to be involved,” said Alstott. “Both of my mother’s parents never had the opportunity to participate in sports, art or other activities.

“Because of this, I have always taken advantage of all the opportunities I have had. I have so many different interests and I am so grateful to be able to participate in activities related to all these interests.

She also saw how important it can be to be active at the high school level by watching her mother, Josephine Alstott, interact with students.

“I think my desire to perform comes from growing up surrounded by so many different activities. where I was going to run hurdles like that. she says. “I remember seeing my aunt and uncle get involved in 4-H and suddenly being so excited to join me.

“Ultimately, it was watching the people I admired love everything they did that made me so eager to do what they did. Some of the people I look up to are my mother and my grandfather, Larry Luhring, both hard-working Christians who are incredible role models.

At Iowa State, Alstott will pursue majors in Agronomy and Global Resource Systems with a minor in Spanish.

Holiday destination: New Zealand.

People I’d like to have dinner with: George Washington Carver, Norman Borlaug.

It would surprise people that I have over 60 indoor plants.

Performer who inspires me: Bethany Hamilton. My daily role model: my mother.

I can’t go a day without: fruit.

Where I see myself in 10 years:

travel a bit.

Dream piece to perform: “Rescue” by

Laurent Daigle.

A show you binge watch: New Girl.


Musical/Game: Hamilton.

Performance: 4×8 in state in 2021.

Musical genre: Country.

Instrument: Violin.

Class: Biology.

Movie: Kingsman:

Secret Service.

Book: The Immortal Life of

Henrietta is missing.

Phone app: Instagram.

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