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The Pasadena Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the second annual ArtCenter Design Fellowship in partnership with ArtCenter College of Design, ArtCenter Extension (ACX) and the Pasadena Unified School District. This opportunity introduces teachers to design-based thinking and a number of art and design disciplines that can be used in the classroom. The current PUSD teachers were selected based on the main recommendations for this opportunity to participate in this class. All Design Fellows received classes for this class as well as free supplies, thanks to a generous grant from Ford Motor Company.

Fall 2021 Design Fellows include eight PUSD teachers from different schools: Seda Grigorian from multiple PUSD schools, Briseyda Rivera from Hamilton Elementary, David Earnhart from Washington Elementary, Margarita Dominguez from Madison Elementary, Elia Pacheco, and Elva De Jarnett from San Rafael, Lexie Sin of Sierra Madre Middle and Liane Shih of Eliot Arts Magnet.

“My experience as a Design Fellow has pushed the limits of my imagination and has led me to create things that I never thought I could.” ~ Helena Alves, PUSD teacher

“The teachers at PUSD are always a delight! I have enjoyed working with them as much this quarter as I did last time. ~ Mark Harvey, Design 360 instructor

The first year design fellows included two teachers from Madison Elementary School, Helena Alves and Patricia Guzman, and two teachers from Altadena Elementary School, Victoria Camargo and Regina Major.

The first cohort of Design Fellows included two teachers from Madison Elementary, Helena Alves and Patricia Guzman, and two teachers from Altadena Elementary, Victoria Camargo and Regina Major.

In the course, ArtCenter Design Fellows explores several of the art and design disciplines offered in the ArtCenter degree program – advertising, graphic design, photography, filmmaking, fine art, illustration, product design, environmental design, entertainment design and transport design – and learn more about the principles of each discipline through hands-on projects centered on a major theme. Fellows work alongside aspiring artists and designers as well as early career “real world” artists and designers.

From September to December, this cohort of design fellows will have hands-on experience creating artwork and design to inspire their classroom lessons.

The next cohort of art and design fellows is scheduled for the next term starting in January 2022.

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