Rebel Theatrics Announces 10-Week Theater and Film Training Course


Rebel Theatrics introduces a new way to train by launching its limited series. The 10-week training course provides advanced-level music and film training for Dallas students ages 14-19. Rebel also provides and prioritizes mental health resources and encouragement to young artists.

“There is a gap in performance art training,” says Rebel founder Kellie Carroll. “Mental health issues are often activated by the lack of preparation that can exist when a young artist is trying to get into the business. We want to fill that void. This generation is talented and extraordinary, especially Dallas students , and training must keep up with the innovative industry. We want to do what no one else is doing because these young artists deserve it. We provide the resources young artists need to stay healthy, fulfilled and creative at their highest level in addition to theatrical training.

Rebel was founded by Kellie Carroll and Lucas Atkins, both of whom have been in the industry their entire lives and have renowned teaching experience. They are both passionate advocates for mental health – Lucas having experienced mental health issues while working in New York and Kellie having suffered a loss to her family due to a mental health crisis some years ago. years.

It’s time to redefine what mental health means to a young artist and what success means in the industry. It is also time to update the training of a young artist for the film and theater industry. Rebel wants to bring this preparation, this training, this experience, this opportunity and this support to the very talented artists of Dallas!

Registration for Rebel LIMITED SERIES includes over 8 hours of performing arts instruction over ten weeks. Training includes advanced film and stage, advanced musical theater tap and jazz, emotional preparation for auditions, mental health conversations for the artist working in the industry, artistic self-esteem, and more. The course is taught by founders Kellie Carroll, Lucas Atkins and Sky Lakota-Lynch of Broadway and matt kennedy. The limited series will culminate in an elite conservatory-style showcase where students have the opportunity to perform for artists, professionals, producers, actors and film agents from Broadway, representatives from Broadway Dallas, as well than their beloved friends and family!

The three registration options are:

  • Just training ($2000) – This course is designed for students aged 14-19 who are serious about their training and personal progress. The series is for students who need more challenge to reach the next level of their techniques. Classes, on Fridays and Saturdays, will include an introduction to musical theatre, film, musical theatre, starting your own business in the industry and a self-esteem building program.
  • Training + Industry Showcase ($2700) – This track is designed for artists aged 14-19 with four years of experience who are serious about pursuing a career as an artist. Students will add 3-4 hours of rehearsal per week to prepare for a showcase with an elite industry guest list. It’s about giving performers experience with unconventional performances and the opportunity to perform for those who are currently successful in the industry!
  • The Tech Track ($660) – The Tech Track, for students ages 13-19, will focus on photography, videography, film training, and fundamental stage management experience. This track will include consultations with SNL’s Don Roy King.

Registrations are now open at

Hearings: July 9 and 10

Limited Edition: August 11 – October 29

Showcase weekend: October 22 and 29

Training: Advanced Film & Stage Acting / Advanced Musical Theater Tap & Jazz

Directors: Founders Lucas Atkins and Kellie Carroll / Broadway’s Sky Lakota-Lynch and matt kennedy


Rebel Theatrics specializes in advanced training in musical theater and film. Rebel makes the mental and emotional health of students a priority among the technique and offers unique new opportunities through workshop-style lessons to develop a student – without limiting them to a creative genre. We are for students who know they want a career in the creative industry – theatre, film, production, design etc. Rebel addresses mental health needs that help a student maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. For more information, visit


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