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BARNESVILLE – Originally published in 1942 by local physician Dr Dempsey O. Sheppard, “The History of Barnesville, Ohio 1808-1940” is a detailed account of the early years of the community until its official founding in 1808 until just before World War II.

The book, reprinted by the Barnesville Junior Women’s Club at the 175th Barnesville celebration, is long out of print.

The new book is not a page-by-page photographic reproduction, but rather a digitally processed reproduction of the original book in a larger page size and print size than the original. Some typographical errors have been fixed and some spelling errors have been corrected.

The original index of the book is reproduced in larger print and only scratches the surface to cover the thousands of names included in the text of the book. Inspired by the hand-assembled personal name index created for the 1983 reprint, a similar 33-page computer-assembled personal name index from in-text name tags concludes the pages in this reproduction.

A bonus of the new edition is 50 pages of old photographs selected from the Watt Center archives of beautiful old Barnesville images interspersed among the original pages of this book, making some of the things described in the original publication more visual and vivid.

The Watt Center is grateful for the Belmont County Tourism Council Grants Program which helped fund the project and the hard work of Watt Center members and volunteers whose efforts resulted in an updated and expanded index .

“The History of Barnesville, Ohio 1808-1940,” an 8 ½ x 11 inch soft-bound 463 page publication, is now on sale at four Barnesville branches just in time for Christmas gifts – Avenues of Barnesville, Barnesville Antique Mall, Area Chamber of Commerce office de Barnesville and The Flower Gardens.

Mailed copies cost $ 40.25 each to cover purchase and mailing costs. Address orders to: Watt Center, PO Box 463, Barnesville, OH 43713 and make checks payable to The Watt Center.

The Watt Center for History and the Arts is a nonprofit organization formed to provide a museum and craft center for the community. The museum houses permanent collections reflecting the history of industry and agriculture in the region. The Artisan Center offers courses and programs to encourage appreciation and excellence in the arts.

Sheppard was passionate about local history. Active in the Masonic Order, he wrote the histories of the lodge chapters before completing this seminal volume. He was born on a farm near Sewellsville in 1867. He attended Ohio Wesleyan University and taught at the school before earning his medical and surgical degree from Starling Medical College, which is now part of the Ohio State University, in 1897. When he died in 1953 at the age of 86, he was known as the “Dean of the Medical Profession of Belmont County”. Around this time, Ray Palmer, editor-in-chief of Barnesville Enterprise, noted that Sheppard was “Medical practitioner for more than half a century, one of the last survivors of the medical era of the horse and the buggy. “

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