RIT Croatia Launches New Media Design Program, Accepting Students for Fall 2022


Rochester Institute of Technology has launched a Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media Design at its RIT Croatia Zagreb campus. Enrollment is currently underway and the first cohort of students will begin their studies in the multidisciplinary diploma program this fall.

“Our RIT New Media Design faculty is excited and looking forward to being part of the program expansion at RIT Croatia. With a unique curriculum and a 20-year history of experiential learning, New Media Design will provide new opportunities academic and professional opportunities to students interested in the convergence of creativity, design and technology,” said Adam Smith, associate professor and undergraduate director of new media design at RIT’s Rochester campus. From our core design program in the United States, New Media Design in Croatia will benefit from international support to create an incredible pathway for students to have successful careers in Europe and beyond.”

Designed to meet the current and future needs of the growing digital media market, this four-year undergraduate program integrates art, design communication, computing and technology, and prepares students for the jobs of the future. . Students in the program will graduate with an American and Croatian degree.

“Every day, millions of people consume digital content on various platforms, from smartphones and tablets to smart TVs and wearable devices, virtual reality and gaming systems. As the trend to immerse themselves in interactive digital experiences continues to grow, the market needs experts who will design and present content on digital media, so that users can effectively communicate, obtain information or be entertained” , said Ante Poljičak, new media designer. area manager at RIT Croatia. “This program creates these experts.”

The need for experts in this field has been expressed by renowned Croatian companies in the digital media industry who will participate in the cooperative education program of RIT Croatia. Through co-ops, students will gain valuable work experience that will also help prepare them for positions such as UI/UX designers, digital product designers, graphic designers, application designers, visual designers and others. Additionally, students will gain a good foundation for further professional development in the film industry, video game industry, and other emerging industries.

“New Media Design belongs to a group of multidisciplinary and transformative RIT programs designed to meet the challenges and needs of the modern global economy. The quality of American education and the multidisciplinary approach to education will create new professionals who know how to develop new creative solutions for everyone who consumes digital content. They will also be able to start developing their career in the growing digital industry while studying,” said Don Hudspeth, President and Dean of RIT Croatia.

This degree is the first international BFA program at the RIT Croatia campus in Zagreb, a development that comes at a critical moment in time, according to Todd Jokl, Dean of RIT’s College of Art and Design. Referred to as a major in new economics, this forward-thinking program will provide students with skills that will help them excel in a multidisciplinary and dynamic modern economy.

“We live in an interconnected world that spans time zones, cultures and multinational work environments. The launch of our New Media Design program in Croatia is a game-changer for our students and our faculty,” said Jokl. “The RIT College of Art and Design is a world leader in art and design with some of the highest rated programs and student outcomes in the United States. Our presence at RIT Croatia will expand our brand and create great new opportunities for our students, teachers and the professional field.

More information about the new program can be found on the RIT Croatia website.


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