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University of Rajasthan file photo

JAIPUR: The Center for Fine Arts at the University of Rajasthan has introduced changes to its curriculum in the 2022 academic year with 30% of the Bachelor of Fine Arts the program is modified to accommodate digital art after 35 years of its creation.
“New subjects like animation, digital sculpting and product photography have been added to the curriculum,” said Rajat Pandelhead of the fine arts department.
Students now have the opportunity to learn a new set of skills to improve their future performance. Pandel added that “digitalization has also given students more areas to choose careers in animation studios and advertising companies.”
Visiting faculties are welcome to teach the digital courses as it is a newly introduced course, the head of the department said. “Even though digitization in art is a very new concept for this university, management and correction have become easier and student work has been refined through various computer software,” said the assistant professor. Thomas Kovoor.
“Due to digitization, students may lose their spontaneous nature to perform and experience their medium,” said Kovoor.
Sumit Sen, Associate Professor at RU, said, “Art cannot be static, we have changed over time. Traces of our Indian heritage will always be visible in the layers of each artwork.


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