Sandline Architectural Design Exhibition Begins in Katara Tomorrow



Find out how sand lines can create an architectural design in an exhibition taking place in the Katara 18 building, from tomorrow until January 28, 2022.

Called “Geometric study of the sand line in Qatari architecture”, this exhibition will present 3D models, sculptures, sketches and posters by architect Mohanad Barakat.

Barakat said The peninsula that seven of his projects will be featured in said exhibition, including designs he made for a museum, complex, group of gardens and hotel.

Likewise, 7m x 1.5m sculptures showing the study of sand dune lines as well as sketches on the wall will be exhibited.

“This exhibition tells about how we study the lines and structure of sand dunes and how they affect and create illusions from the directions of the wind. These lines can then be used as a design for new buildings, such as a resort, hotel, museums, with a touch of Qatari architectural design. By integrating the architecture, we use Qatari motifs and ornaments and we mix them with those kind of lines and designs, ”explained Barakat.

Mohanad Barakat

Barakat is the first architect to be inspired by sand dunes, the idea came from his love for sand. “I go to the sand dunes, I take pictures and videos, I sit and I draw. Sand dunes are created by sand and wind. The wind will move the sand and the sand will create a mountain of sand dunes, ”he said.

“From the direction of the wind it’s going to create a shape, and these lines that we don’t see – the wind lines is how it affects the sand and how the sand goes with the wind and how it’s created by the wind. wind, so these designs are what you can see in my exhibit, ”added Barakat.

Barakat is an interior designer, a Syrian national born in Qatar. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Interior Architecture, University of Damascus.

He is currently Managing Director of Baroque Design and Build Company.



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