SSI Announces Winner of First Generation Graphic Design Contest


Westerns Student Success Initiatives Unit Announced that Dennis Benlot, a Junior Honors Design at the College of Fine and Performing Arts, is the winner of Western’s inaugural first-generation graphic design competition. .

The goal of this competition was to create a design that celebrates and supports Western’s first generation community. First generation students are defined by Western as students whose parents or guardians have not obtained a bachelor’s degree (four years).

A committee of first generation students and staff reviewed all eligible applications and used a scoring grid to assess and rate the overall design, visual impact, artist statements, and technical guidelines to select a winner. The winning graphic design created by Dennis will be reproduced and displayed in a variety of ways, including signage, clothing, print and electronic materials, as well as social media and website pages. The committee’s goal is for students, faculty and staff to identify as part of the first generation Western community. Dennis will receive a $ 100 gift card for winning the graphic design competition.

“I chose to participate in this competition because I am a first generation student. My graph shows that regardless of your race, ethnicity, and culture, you are ruling your own future and have accepted the West as a platform to advance in whatever career path you choose. The gradient chosen is an analogy that identifies that not all first generation students are specifically from the same background and that we have many unique experiences and perspectives. The abstract form of a human in the middle represents the embodiment of Western Washington University, “said Benlot.” The human icon is not the center that unites all of the other gradients, but rather acts as the platform where are the human gradients that surround it. may still be able to identify freely with their intersectionalities without having to assimilate to a melting pot. I am so excited and grateful to be the winner of the contest and that my graphic design has been chosen to represent the first generation community here at Western.

Once again, congratulations to Dennis Benlot for winning the first generation graphic design competition!


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