The Helms Design Center will exhibit James Hubbell – Art and Architecture


April 19, 2022

This Friday, April 22, 2022, the Helms Design Center will open an exhibit dedicated to the architectural work of James Hubbell first shown in Los Angeles during an Earth Day exhibit opening. The installation brings to life Ilan-Lael, its Pacific Rim Park and schools in Tijuana, its chapel at Sea Ranch as well as stunning doors, windows and other decorative building elements, including its extraordinary stained glass window for Findhorn, the Spiritual Retreat in Scotland .

James Hubbell is a painter, sculptor and architect who has spent 60 years designing and crafting buildings, artifacts and beautiful works of art that reflect a deep passion for the ocean and the gifts of the land. From Ilan Lael, his home, workshops, and foundation in Julian near San Diego, Hubbell has created schools in concert with the Tijuana community, an organic chapel at Sea Ranch, and parks that cover the cultures of the Pacific Rim.

Hubbell’s vision is the antithesis of the rational and the industrial. “The most important thing is my infatuation with nature,” he says. “There is also my love of primitive and naive architecture, Gothic, of the arts and crafts movement, Frank Lloyd Wright, Gaudi, and the pleasure of working with the material of stone, wood, cement, clay, metal, glass and mosaics.

The vernissage will take place at the Helms Design Center, 8745 Washington Boulevard, 90232, from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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