The Museum of Art and History (Mah) in Geneva welcomes the CIGA Design Blue Planet watches awarded by the GPHG Academy


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Shenzhen, China, 01 Jul. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On June 29, 2022, the Blue Planet Collection ceremony was officially held at the Museum of Art and History (Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, MAH) in Geneva, Switzerland. It is understood to be the first Chinese watch brand to be exhibited by the museum. This donation ceremony was organized by CIGA Design and the MAH.

The MAH is one of the largest and most important museums in Switzerland, with more than 7,000 works of art from prehistory to the contemporary period, from Europe, Africa and Asia. The unique interdisciplinary character of the collection and the exhibition gives it a solid reputation in Switzerland.

During the donation ceremony, the representative of CIGA Design donated the Blue Planet U-series wristwatch (award-winning version) to the MAH, which has now become a permanent addition to the collection of the MAH. The representative told reporters: “It is the dream of many Chinese watchmakers to exhibit Chinese watches to the world. This donation ceremony is the first time that Chinese watches are added to the collection of the Geneva Museum in Switzerland, cradle of modern watchmaking. This event marks the first time that the Chinese watch industry has created a brand with international influence. At the same time, it has also enabled the West to reconnect with Chinese watch brands. Today , the most respected place for global watches finally displays an example of Chinese watch brands.

The curator of the MAH, expressed his gratitude. For the museum, the donation is of great importance. This gift of a Chinese brand is an important addition to the MAH’s collection, a source of sustenance and sustainable development for the museum, and one of the most important criteria for significantly enhancing the international influence of the museum.

The Executive Committee of the Green Design Organization said, “This Blue Planet coin offered by CIGA promotes the idea of ​​green design and environmental protection, which is urgently needed in this era of global warming. . We must use “green design” as a means to drive the transformation of production, lifestyles and consumption habits. In this way, we can achieve the integration and symbiosis of man and nature. I believe that this donation ceremony will greatly promote the exchange and cooperation of “green design” information, technology, materials, projects, capital and talent at home and abroad, and bring a significant contribution to building a global platform for dialogue on green development.

On November 4, 2021, during the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) award ceremony, known as the “Oscars of the World of Watchmaking”, CIGA Design, a brand of original designer watches of China, put in competition 208 watches from all over the world. world with its Blue Planet model, and became the only Chinese watch brand to enter the award list at the 21st awards ceremony. After that, in a competition between 84 finalists for 14 of the most prestigious, authoritative and influential individual awards, Blue Planet succeeded in its goal and won the “Challenge Award” of the 21st Prix de Haute Horlogerie de Genève. This made it the first Chinese watch to win this award and showed the world what Chinese watch brands are capable of.

The CIGA Design U-Series Blue Planet was created by the founder of CIGA Design, during the post-COVID era, and was inspired by the relationship between human beings and the Earth. Its “environmental protection” concept and innovative design inspired by other hands-free watches have been recognized by Chinese and non-Chinese watchmakers. The coin is based on the Earth we live on, incorporates the aesthetics of modern mechanical art to create a planet that people can wear on their wrists, visualizes the inspiration of life and environmental protection , displays the planet with a new perspective on life with fine micro-sculptures, reinterprets the humanities and the arts using elements such as mountains, rivers, landforms and oceans, and allows the “hours” and “minutes” of circulating endlessly alternately. It creates a figurative and primitive form of nature in people’s minds and increases their awareness of environmental protection.

As the new generation of young consumers awakens to the spiritual expression of their personality and values, traditional timepieces can no longer satisfy the cravings of contemporary wrist accessories. As the first brand of original design watches in China, CIGA Design has always adhered to its original design, reshaped the aesthetics of the wrist with modern mechanical art design language, and endowing its watches with new vitality and connotations. spiritual. Following the Bauhaus design concept of “form follows connotation”, the founder, Mr. Zhang Jianmin, created the unique brand called DNA under CIGA Design with the two basic concepts of “reasonable and unexpected”. With its subversive and innovative design concept, CIGA has become a dark horse among “domestic trend” brands. In addition, this donation ceremony once again proved the influence of CIGA Design in the international market.

Chinese brands have made a breakthrough at the GPHG, which could be a chance for the world to appreciate Chinese products and witness the development of Chinese watchmaking culture. As New York Times reporter Victoria Gomelsky put it in a report: “In the close-knit world of Swiss watchmaking, China’s dual identity as a manufacturing hub and rapidly growing luxury market is well understood. But until the 2021 ceremony, hardly anyone in the Swiss watch establishment saw Chinese brands as competitors – as the industry’s stunned reaction to CIGA Design’s victory underscored.

The donation ceremony was held in the hope of encouraging the Chinese watch industry to take full advantage of the advantages of “Made in China” and strive to make China a “powerful watch country” in the way unique as its national advantages permit. Meanwhile, the donation ceremony also reminded us that humanity should change its past mentality of conquering nature and think more about how to live in peace with the blue planet and cherish our common home.

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