The world of design at Acorns


Written by: Marlene Osteen | Publish: July – 2022

Acorns, located at 212 South 4th Street in Highlands, proclaims its commitment to elegance and timeless style with a series of shows this month.


The Old Edwards home decor and furnishings store has long been a mecca for regional fine arts and crafts. And there’s never been a better time to tap into that creative connection than July, when the store welcomes a host of artists and artisans to exhibit and discuss their work at special events. The first 11 days of July feature Ali & Bird jewellery, an intergenerational collaboration between Ali Howell and his daughter, affectionately nicknamed “Bird”. – precious jewelry. On Saturday July 9, you are invited to meet the artist Theresa Forman. Working primarily in oils, Forman uses plein air studies and photographic references to produce studio pieces that reveal the harmony of nature. “I am overwhelmed with gratitude when I see the majesty of God’s creation,” Theresa says. She hopes to communicate the same sense of wonder and awe to her viewers. The Highlands’ most popular and sought after artist, Carol Misner, is at Acorns on Saturday 16th July. Misner is widely admired for the botanical paintings she renders in monochrome tones. from subjects taken from the flora she finds locally and during her travels; each work reflects the simple beauty, grace and fragility of the botany it represents. Stop by Saturday, July 23 to say hello to Don and Belinda Carringer of Carringer Farms in Franklin. After 14 years of working and farming together, selling their wares at local farmers’ markets, the couple are now full-time farmers, bakers, and jam and jellie makers who sell to restaurants and a few festivals. Saturday, July 23 is also an opportunity to meet artist Marie Ploof of Marie Painted Ornaments in Greenville, South Carolina. Captivated as a little girl by Van Gogh’s brushstrokes, Ploof has been drawing and painting since high school. Best known for her hand-painted glass pet ornaments, she says, “I love capturing the personality of a beloved pet – they are cherished and they deserve their story too. » Discover the art of Phillip Curcuru on Saturday July 30th. Curcuru, the owner of Upland Nature Lab, will be on hand to talk about his work, focusing on natural specimens by dramatizing objects through isolation, light and backdrop. All of his study objects are in the southern Appalachians and are photographed in his home studio in Highlands. There is always something new happening in the world of design at Acorns. To learn more about these and upcoming events, visit

by Marlene Osteen


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