These are the highest paying design jobs in 2022


Design is absolutely everywhere, from the clothes we wear to the websites we use, from the magazines we read to the desks we sit on every day.

The design industry is truly unlike any other. Designers not only have the chance to be creative and innovative every day, but they also have the opportunity to completely shape the world we live in.

One of the main things that draws people to this industry is the fact that it is constantly changing and redefining itself. Not only are we constantly seeing changes in style, but also in terms of the mediums and platforms used. As you design graphics for websites and social media today, you may be creating designs for virtual reality and the metaverse tomorrow.

The design industry is also a safe bet in terms of job opportunities. The continuous rise in social media marketing, website development, and animation is increasing the demand for creative designers across the globe.

Also, because design is so competitive, top companies are always looking for the best creative talent for the job. There’s no concrete design career path, but that just means the options are literally endless.

If you want to learn a bit more about the highest paying design jobs in 2022, check out our list below based on the Indeed Salary Calculator.

Artistic Director, €52,452

Art directors design visual concepts for promotions and products. They can work in print, online, television, and other media. Depending on their industry, art directors may have worked as graphic designers, photographers or illustrators.

To be successful in this role, you must be able to communicate well and manage a team of artists, as well as be proficient in relevant design software. It’s a very creative and often competitive role, so a lot of experience is required.

UX Designer, €53,822

UX design is currently one of the most in-demand careers in the creative industry. The term “user experience” (or UX) describes a person’s interaction with a product or service. UX designers shape and create the user journey to ensure it is as simple and seamless as possible.

To do this, a UX designer will combine product development, strategy, design, and market research to create a simple process. Some key skills you will need for this role include prototyping and wireframing, user testing, and knowledge of design software.

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Industrial designer, €57,275

Industrial designers, or product designers as they are sometimes called, design just about every product you use every day, from your toothbrush to your microwave oven and from your car to your light switches. Everything in your home was probably designed by an industrial designer at one point or another.

Industrial designers are not only concerned with making products that are aesthetically pleasing, easy, and safe to use, they also make sure that the product can be made in the most cost effective and efficient way possible. Accordingly, they must have excellent attention to detail and problem-solving abilities.

Design Manager, €61,885

To be successful in this field, you must have great organizational skills, an eye for detail, and a degree from a visual arts program or related field. You will also need real work experience under your belt before applying for this leadership position.

So what exactly does a design manager do? Well, their role is varied, but they usually manage a design or graphics team and encourage team members throughout each project. They also collaborate with other teams such as marketing and development to ensure that the look and feel of the company’s products are up to par.

Creative Director, €78,409

In a nutshell, a creative director oversees any creative or artistic project that a company decides to undertake. This can include everything from marketing campaigns to product design. As a result, they can work for a variety of different companies, from tech startups to magazines and online publications.

As you can imagine, creative director positions typically require a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a specific creative field, such as marketing, graphic design, or fine art. On top of that, you’ll need at least seven years of experience and an impressive portfolio that showcases your talents.

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