Upshur Rec Park’s new disc golf course is ready for Frisbee golf enthusiasts


TENNERTON — Upshur County Recreation Park’s new disc golf course is complete.

Upshur County Parks and Recreation Director Adam Brumley said signage, poles and baskets have been installed throughout the park. The first tee is just behind the baseball field and it goes out counter clockwise around the property. It ends at the ninth hole in the soccer fields.

“I think it went well,” Brumley said. “We’re still working on putting a few things here and there – some of these signage things and so on, but the feedback I’ve gotten is that people are enjoying it, so I think it’s turned out very pleasant. I haven’t played it yet, but a friend of mine has bought some records and we plan to try it out when it gets a little warmer.

Brumley said they plan to offer discs, also called frisbees, for rent at the pool concession stand in the spring and summer for people wanting to try the sport.

“It just looks fun. When we first put it together, we asked ourselves, “What is disc golf?” Brumley said. “Then you start looking at it and find out how vast it is. When you search for ‘disc’, you’ll find five or six different discs for disc golf: you have a putter and a driver, like for disc golf. regular golf, but you don’t have to go to a big golf course.

Its goal is to continue to add more recreational opportunities for the community.

“I think it’s a perfect fit. When I look at this park and I look at recreation, I want to get people here, keeping them active and engaged,” Brumley said. “The course here is next to the trail cluster project (the Upshur County Trails system), and I think it fits in perfectly. The trail group members are always here to do things, so they are looking to get people together here at the start of the year in January for another great group project.

He hopes to have more programs to announce soon.

“I’m starting to imagine different programs to implement, and I can’t talk too much about them because they’re still in the basic design phase, but I’m starting to try to put programs in place for the community, because I feel like that’s something we’re missing here,” Brumley said.

More information about the disc golf course can be found in a previous My Buckhannon article here.


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