Why is a Steinbach company buying a golf course in Winnipeg?


A company from Steinbach is currently the leading candidate for the purchase of the John Blumberg golf course.

Alan Klippenstein is Director of Property Development at Schinkel Properties. He says they have just learned that they have the highest consideration for the Request for Proposal (RFP) to purchase the golf course at Headingley.

“We’re super excited,” he says. “Above the moon right now.”

So what does a Steinbach company want from a golf course owned by the City of Winnipeg? According to Klippenstein, Schinkel Properties has a bunch of other developments in Headingley. He notes that they know this region very well.

“This plot is a unique opportunity,” adds Klippenstein.

If the sale goes through, Klippenstein says they will create a mixed-use development, consisting of commercial, multi-family and 339 single-family lots. He notes that they worked with the Rural Municipality of Headingley to create this concept.

“What really excites us about this development is just the focus on active transportation,” says Klippenstein.

He says the goal of the development is to maximize walking and running trails in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter. There are over 13,000 feet of planned walking trails. He adds that the Assiniboine River is a spectacular backdrop and that they intend to enhance the shoreline for recreational purposes.

“We actually designed this to have over 36 acres of green space in this development along our walking paths,” he says. “We’re really excited about the opportunity of what we could bring here and the vision we have for this community.”

If the sale goes through, it will only include the golf course and not the soccer fields or the softball complex. Klippenstein says the golf course is owned by the City of Winnipeg, which is trying to sell it because it’s no longer financially viable. The soccer fields and softball complex are operated by the Rural Municipality of Headingley.

As mentioned, the RFP process has been completed and the City of Winnipeg Procurement Office has recommended Schinkel Properties to Winnipeg City Council. It will now be up to Winnipeg City Council to make its decision. Klippenstein says they will meet with Winnipeg City Council next week.

“We’re hopeful we’ll get the votes needed to process the sale,” he says. “Then we would start working directly with the RM of Headingley as this would fall under their jurisdiction.”

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Below you will find the development plan presented by Schinkel Properties.


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